: De Septem Secundeis (): John Tritemius, William Lilly: Books. Quellen der Esoterik von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. De septem secundeis, id est, intelligentiis, sive spiritibus orbes post Deum moventibus libellus. Front Cover. Johannes Trithemius.

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Under his rulership there were many wars in the world; thousands of people perished, and several kingdoms lost their borders.

Gabriel’s rule lasted years and 4 months until the year Benedict, around the year of the Christian Era, toward the opening of the reign of Zachariel, the Angel of Jupiter; whose influence led to changes of dynasties and kingdoms, as the historians repeatedly affirm.

Post Michaelem ordine decimo quinto, iam tertio spiritus Saturni Orifielregimen orbis assumpsit ultima die mensis Septembris, Anno conditionis uniuersimense 8, et praefuit annismensibus 4, usque ad annum mundi There were many alterations of the Kingdom of the Jews: Isidore and Beda, two interpreters of the Septuagint, on the other hand, claim that this cataclysm occurred in the year that is, under secyndeis rule of Gabriel, Spirit of the Moon, which by calculation seems to me closer to the truth, though this is not the place to prove it.

Erit pertinatiae pena, satis factionis consultae praemium.

It would require a prophecy for the series of future events. In these times Carthage years after its first foundation is destroyed, and burned continually by the space of 17 whole dayes.

Three Suns appeared and were seen in Romebut not long ere they were reduced into one. Severall Superstitions also about these times, concerning the worship of their Idols were instituted by men. But when the King refused to give her the price demanded, Sybilla the King seeing it burnt the three first books, demanding the same price for the other six; which when again he had denyed to give her, she committed to be burnt three of those remaining, and would have done so by the rest; unless the King by perswasion and Councell of others, had not redeemed them from consuming, giving the same price for the three last, for which he might have had the whole nine.


Dedication, to the Emperor Maximilian Deptem Caesar, it is the opinion of very many of the Auncients, that this inferious World by ordination of the first Intellect which is God is directed and ordered by Secundarian Intelligences, to which opinion Seckndeis Medicorum assents, saying, that from the Originall or first beginning of heaven and earth, there were 7.

Quorum unusquisque mundum annis gubernat Trecentis, quinquaginta quatuor, mensibusque ex oedine quaternis.

de Septem Secundeis : Johannes Trithemius :

Templum Hierosolimis, et ciuitas reedificantur. In the year of the World The first Emperour that was thereof was Othofrom which time the Empire began to be reformed; unto whom Otho his son, and hos Nephew Otho after succeeded in the Empire: The Saracens took Jerusalem again.

Because its people were warlike, it attacked other nations and thus extended its borders. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Pythagoras the Philosopher, and very many others flourished amongst the Greeks; the Temple and City of Hierusalem are a new reedified.

About these times Architecture was found out, and men began to use more policy both in their civill institutions, and manners, or customs of living.

De Septem Secundeis, by Johannes Trithemius

In the year of the World Moruntia is taken and spoiled being the Metropolis of the Franconians or Francks in Germany. In Samaele Mars primo praedixit diluuium, Troianum secundo excidium in tertio erit circa finem magnum escundeis detrimentum.

Each of these Spirits rules the universe in turn for a period of years and 4 months.

In Almain more then twenty thousand young men are drowned in the Sea by Pyrats, who seduced by a vain spirit, did give forth they would recover the holy land.


Iustinianus the Emperour first of all about these times beautified the Common-wealth very deservedly with his Lawes. The World shall then be brought to its first innocency of its simplicity, the Angell of Saturne Orifiel governing the World every where.

de Septem Secundeis : Seven Secondary Causes

Secundeeis the Hebrews, competitions were held for the High Priesthood for the first time. Nauigandi quoque rudis audatia his temporibus primo fuit pre sumptu, et alia id genus multa. Ce God, they grew distant in many things from natural simplicity, invented games and songs, set themselves to playing the kithara and imagined all that had to do with Venus and her cult. Dagobert King of France slue the English, at that time called Saxons whom in battell he overcame.

Many men in these times out of their affection to Christian Philosophy, betook themselves to live in the Wilderness: In eighth place, Oriphiel, the Angel of Saturn, returned and ruled the universe again for years and 4 months-from June 26, until September, The ninth time in order and course, Anaelthe Angel of Venus began again to sway the world the Then, in ninth place, the Spirit of Venus, Anael, began to rule the world once more.

The Athenians were then engaged in their sdcundeis wars and the philosophers Socrates and Plato gained their renown. The Pilgrimage of young men to Saint Michael was wonderfull.

In or near these times the severall Orders of Monks began to sfcundeis in the Church of God: Men did now devise curious and costly Ornaments, for better trimming, and adorning their bodies: He reigned 20 years.