Laurie Faria Stolarz is the author of Deadly Little Secret and Bleed, as well as the highly popular young adult novels Blue Is for Nightmares, White Is for Magic. Review. Deadly Little Secret: A Touch Novel. by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Sixteen- year-old Camelia Hammond leads an average life, going to. Deadly Little Secret Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz Goodreads| Amazon| Author Website. Sixteen year old Camelia had a fairly ordinary life until.

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This study guide contains the following sections: Camelia should learn by now to just speak up, but I still liked her character. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Deadly Little Secret

Had he really recently kidnapped this girl? But who is the victim?

I have to admit that the familiar plot line is exactly what I love about the series. It did get more interesting with her “powers” or whatever you want to call them but again nothing really stood out. It’s not about vampires, deavly, or sorcerers.

Refresh and try again.

Deadly Little Lies

BUT this is a story and just like yelling llttle the movie screen when the chick does the same as above, it is fruitless and pointless so I move on. She was just rude and it seemed like she was using him with no regard to his feelings. This time around though, Camelia is without the most crucial person to help her stay safe, and that of course, is Ben. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes.

This time, it was difficult to guess who the victim was and like Camelia, I assumed wrongly as well. She tries so hard to be brave, so hard to stay away from what littke knows might not be good for her, but she’s not so good at either one.


Also Aunt Alexia is the aunt who is in the hospital who is crazy and who she thinks she has some things in common with. He has also saved her numerous times and the last time doesn’t even take the credit. The front of school is her new place to be noticed.

More torturing, ex-boyfriend Ben, who has similar psychometric abilities, has been spending more time with their classmate Alejandra, even as her own feelings for Adam grow stronger. True that this series is a lot like the Twilight series. My therapist says that I need to tell my side of things in order to regain my voice.

What was the point?

Deadly Little Lies (Touch, #2) by Laurie Faria Stolarz

I finished it in a matter of hours. I’ve already invested the time and money into purchasing and reading all the other books in the series, but I really can’t see that I’m invested in farria story enough to dead,y with the series. Yet when, on the first day of school, she sees him, Ben Carter, the new boy with a bad reputation and an even darker history, he pretends he doesn’t recognise her and insists he never saved her life.

I really loved Ben’s abilities, which gave him substance. View all 23 comments. My favourite part of this book is where Camelia I really really love this series, though I must admit that I had my doubts initially for the second and third books because the plot didn’t seem to be going anywhere, other than Camelia having premonitions of something bad happening or being stalked by someone.

Camelia deals with a lot in this book: He avoids her until on Camelia Hammond is starting her last year of school, but instead of looking forward she can’t help but look back, to three months ago at the end of the last school year when her life was saved by a beautiful boy who then disappeared.


I’m kind of hoping that at some point in this series, they bring Matt back.

Deadly Little Voices (Touch, #4) by Laurie Faria Stolarz

And, in the interest of keeping this short but sweet, of course review as spoiler free as possible, I will only say this much: Sixteen year old Camelia had a fairly ordinary life until an unexpected brush with death. For me this book was about 2. I was not expecting it at all. June 26, 9 20 Jun 27, They love to make us suffer. The story starts off with action, builds up a ton of suspense, and then BAM! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. My favourite part of this book is where Camelia xecret professional help for her dealdy, trying to make sense laure her condition and whether she will end up like Aunt Alexia.

Overall, I felt this book has upped the stakes quite a bit and I’m anxious to know what will happen in the final book, how Camelia’s powers will develop and affect the people around her and most of all, who Camelia will stilarz choose.

I didn’t realise I was reading Twilight In the end, Adam never tells Camilia about how Ben really fought the bad guy even though he vowed no more secrets. For a majority of the book, not much happens.

I enjoyed the interactions of the Aunt. Rumored Some secrets shouldn’t be kept