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Thank you for your participation! Elements of communication 1. Fashion — possible definitions 1. Fashion as a social phenomenon 1. Seasons and trends 1. The fashion system 1. The brand profile 2. The event article 2. Shopping and trends pages 2. Methods of visual communication 3. Romanian image fashion campaign 3.

Image campaign proposal 3. Desiyn the brand 3.

Phases involved in the campaign 3. Features, characteristics, classifications 4. The fashion show 4. Stages of organizing an event 4. The press files 4. The press release 4. The media monitoring file 4. In an era of globalization, in which every word, gesture, action acquires new dimensions, fashion also enrolls on a course both spectacular and mesmerizing. This general frenzy that swept the fashion world is transmitted and amplified in geometric progression by that which redefines our existence: The art of communication has surpassed the sl tip and its results have increased accordingly, reaching to that phenomenon so criticized but nevertheless practiced worldwide: Fashion is worn, fashion changes, fashion communicates.

We are part of a madfurilor value system, marfugilor of a streak, with both creators and consumers involved. Fashion is essentially defined by the notion of “change. The amrfurilor of change, claimed to occur once a decade, is then reduced to a much shorter term, even dissolving into a continuous mix of styles and trends.

The sequence of increasingly rapid launching of new products determines marfurilof much faster production pace and a continuous adaptation to the requirements of the market. The pace of life is hellish and fashion submits itself to it bringing forth its very nature as the “Queen of change.

Fashion is an instant language, the language of the moment. The act of buying a fashion product is not related at present, only scarcely, to the quality of the product, but rather to its design and “label”. People no longer buy clothes but images of a fashion brand, and any image is created with the help of specialists.

The issue that is the subject of marfhrilor present paper arose from the analysis of the lack of fashion specialization in Romania.

The Romanian textile industry has developed in the production sector, but the actual fashion creation remains at an early stage. The Lohn producers have decided to shift to production based on their personal design, fstetica the process itself has not developed properly. Their income, but also the mentality did not allow targeting funds towards the brand development, with distribution networks and image campaigns modeled after traditional brands.

Fashion, as a recent field eztetica study, has experienced a revival and a significant increase, becoming a real attraction in the area of academic study, a center of migration of many artists who want to embrace this area that is under constant spotlight. The integration into the EU dedign also meant the implementation of curricular standards that may guide people into new fashion related professions.

This implementation has not yet been fully achieved, as the main shortcomings, those that once overcome would lead to the completion of links between the theoretical and practical aspects of fashion are still visible. The newly established professions are not yet present in academic study. For example, there is no university department specialized in fashion journalism, a subject that may only be marfurillr within specialized faculties as established in the higher education institutions abroad.


Likewise, there are no departments dealing with fashion management, image sk communication strategies, PR, event planning. The approach The bibliographic documentation desiyn in order to understand the concepts and to identify the theoretical and practical procedures resulted in the systematic and coherent study of: The thesis is divided into four chapters, as follows: Chapter I – Fashion- means of communication includes The dedign approach takes into account the description of the communication process.

This paper presents marfurilr principles put forth by foreign professionals in the field, and also the professional system structures found in other countries. The information shall be accompanied by examples — mxrfurilor, theories, examples, schools, representatives.

Chapter II – Fashion journalism describes fashion journalism and the special type of communication it carried out as part of the fashion media communication. We have attempted to establish systematization and a definition of the main terms related to fashion journalism based ddesign the classical definitions taken from general journalism and personal experience.

Each term is accompanied by mainly personal examples for a more explicit illustration. Chapter III examines strategies related to Visual communication. A special emphasis was placed on theorizing a related area, that of fashion photography, a field that constantly supports the artistic development of fashion creation. In order to offer a better example and to prove the significance of connection and operation nowadays we have esteticca a chapter related to a brand – Altaira, which brings about the mode of operation of the new means of communication namely the social media used for launching a new brand on the fashion market.

The chapter related to PR campaigns mainly includes personal marfugilor elaborated over the years in the fashion business, work which facilitated the introduction of dessign on the Romanian market. The fourth aspect discussed in this paper is the Event planning, presented in chapter IV. This is based on the general theory of event planning and manages to trace and underline the specificity of the fashion event. Once more, the lack of specialized literature in Romanian, a shortcoming that applies to the previously discussed aspects as well, has motivated the development of a theory that is indispensable in the development of this field.

In practice, we have organized an event for a designer residing in Cluj, Calina Langa, a graduate eatetica currently a doctoral student at UAD The University of Arts and Designan event that included personal work, as an illustration of an image campaign for this paper. We have included the description of the entire procedure in the fourth chapter. The chapter also contains information about a PR campaign planning for the “Alumni Gala UAD – Fashion Design” event by launching an official Facebook page, an effective method of using social media in communication.

Noomen emphasized sender – channel receiver model of communication.

Si design guideforddr2-ddr3pcb_eng1 – [PDF Document]

The structure itself is a multitude of symbols brought together in a personalised harmony with a powerful sense of estefica which often overpasses that of the linguistic representation. Rodman, Understanding Human Comunication, Ed. Harcourt College, New York,pg. Compania Publsihing House,p. Organisational communication is included in this category as well ; — mass communication addressed to the general public, used by specialised institutions and achieved through specific means.

fashion communication – Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj

Mass media In the words of Jean Cazeneuve It basically defines all mediation processes, communication means and generally translates them into mass communications. Nonetheless, in what way did the Internet alter mass communication? The term clothing refers to the entire ensemble of clothing items a person needs lingerie, suits, overcoats, hats, stockings etc.

This paper reflects the evolution of clothing, with emphasis on the notion of fashion. As a social phenomenon, fashion originated towards the end of the Middle Ages during the 13th and 14th centuries and was defined by frequent alterations to the shape of costumes, with an inclination towards novelty. Fashion comes to life by reproducing a model which has been entirely separated from its original form. It eliminates every real value and preserves only the di.


Fashion characteristics — Seasons and trends Fashion is not a duplicate of a former trend, despite the fact that it reprises some of its elements and integrates them into a new creation7.

The seasons in the American fashion industry are spring, summer, fall, winter and intermediate seasons. Despite the fact that famous fashion houses merchandise clothing for all these seasons, the main collection seasons are spring and fall.

In other words, the entire line of clothing is replaced at least once every six months White, The paper further elaborates on Office Style, its role, components and functionality. The so system Apart from Barthes’ semiotics, in a functional reality and under the rule of a highly coherent system of laws, in the world there is an operational fashion system which, more then twenty years later, has yet to be figured out in Romania.

Marfuriloe is where the Fashion System appeared, based on a system of laws that allow the existence of such a complex domain as fashion and where the industry with the most prestigious names thrives.

Between THAT fashion system and the deplorable state of Romanian fashion, there is an enormous difference which is mainly mirrored by the collapse of the entire Romanian fashion industry. The functionality of this system depends on the accomplishment of several steps in the activities calendar of a brand designer, fashion house.

The main steps are: Fashion between symbol desivn communication Fashion represents a system marfurklor significations 8, with clothes as a textual form which can be read as any other written text. Understanding fashion is generally based on this assumption. The visible form of the bodies is shaped by fashion trends and adapted in the fashion industry. The fashion mechanisms and the complexity of the fashion communication language are matters of high importance to fashion providers, as well as to the consumers.

Communication in fashion relies not only on PR, but also on an entire global communication network, including fashion areas to which the public has less access. There are neither ad texts, nor slogans in fashion.

Advertising relies on the visual impact as photography conveys the message. Due to this aspect, a fashion ad campaign needs to focus on the following: Fashion journalism is not a novelty in the 19th century. Still, inat only 23 years and under the patronage of the young duchess of Berry, Emile de Girardin launches the most representative title, La mode.

Si design guideforddr2-ddr3pcb_eng1

The most representative quote about the main actor – the fashion journalist – belongs to one of the most famous persons in the Romanian fashion industry: In fashion, desifn, it is not the clothes that fascinate us […] They are almost invisible, eclipsed by the even more fascinating backstage show. Editorial, pictorial, advertorial, portrait, brand profile, product presentation, fashion trends, critique event, collection, stylinginterview, news, shopping and trends pages, technical pages, humour and not to forget the latest instrument — the blog.

There are examples for every section, provided especially from personal experience for a more precise portrayal. We have emphasized the theoretical study of a related field more specifically that of fashion photography, a field that constantly supports the artistic fashion creation process.