Kierkegaard seems to have written “The Seducer’s Diary” partly as a means of presenting himself as the titular cad, in an effort to save the. “In the vast literature of love, The Seducer’s Diary is an intricate curiosity–a This work, a chapter from Kierkegaard’s first major volume, Either/Or, springs from . Diary of a Seducer records Johannes’s discovery of a girl with the Shakespearean name Cordelia, whom he sets out to control. Intricately.

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Diary of a Seducer (Continuum Impacts) Søren Kierkegaard: Continuum

Me imagino que algun goce dara a los amantes de la filosofia. He told me that he had received my book late one evening, and had read through the three volumes before he closed his eyes. I don’t think we should take this too seriously, however – the character presenting the argument was pretty drunk at the time. Testo di incommensurabile bellezza!. Part II was his “Discourse on Life as a Duty, and when he reached the end of the work he found the moral philosopher in despair, and that all this teaching about duty had only produced a Philistine.

It is impossible for me, in A, really to be stricter than I am in B, or wish to be that. Kierkegaard’s discourse has to do with the difference between wishing and willing in the development of a particular expectancy.

Thus, what had cost me twelve months’ labour, ceaseless heartaches and industry, now sinking in despair, and now roused and sustained in unusual energy, he went over in a few hours, shut the book, laid himself on his pillow, slept, and was refreshed, and cried, “To-morrow to fresh woods and pastures new.


Just as the ethical sphere is a passageway-which one nevertheless does not pass through once and for all-just as repentance is its expression, so repentance is the most dialectical. Better to inspire hate than pity. It is in the drawn out months before a confession or engagement is made, the months of pursuit that are more aesthetic. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Oct 02, Riku Sayuj rated it really liked it Shelves: Does he only love himself?

Giovanni sa aspettare, calcola ogni sua mossa e si prende tutto il tempo necessario per raggiungere il suo scopo: You would know the cause: Instead of mindless hedonistic tendencies, enjoyments are contemplated and “cultivated” for maximum pleasure. No stakes, let us fight for honor.

My letters do not fail of their purpose. The book was boring imo but I loved the writing style. It zeducer easier to be the villain than to assume the role of the loser. Vainly I seek to plunge myself into the boundless sea of joy; it cannot sustain me, or rather, I cannot sustain myself.

Was it for the sake of society to which one was under obligations? It fiary the absolute interest of Reason that this moral Whole should exist; and herein lies the justification and merit of heroes who have founded states, however rude these may have been. But confusion sets in for the poor girl because of mistaken identity.

Patrick StokesDeakin University. Translated by David F. Nov 29, Foad rated it really liked it Shelves: Retrieved from ” https: Kietkegaard, for Kierkegaard, the aesthetic and the ethical are both superseded by a final phase which he terms the “religious” mode.


Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. Kierkegaard has been writing against reading about love instead of discovering love.

But why put up with such an evil when there was no necessity to do so, when the remedy was so easy and so legitimate? He calls the seduction: Which is easier to portray?

Our young friend will always remain on the outside. Non avevo mai guardato alla seduzione, all’innamoramento attraverso questa lente.

Diary of a Seducer

I can imagine him able to bring a girl to the point kierkkegaard he was sure she would sacrifice all then he would leave without a word let a lone a declaration a promise.

And the format was, in theory, a good one. Today I really enjoyed watching little Louis. To this end, Kierkegaard casts himself as the manipulative narrator, Johannes, while the Regine character is named Cordelia.

The second part of the kierkegsard containing the philosopher’s “Discourse on Life as a Duty,” made a deeper impression on John.

The Seducer’s Diary

Once pleasure had but to beckon me, and I mounted, light of foot, sound, and unafraid. The ideal situation in the presentation of the intellectual wrestling-match of this sort would be that the author should succeed in equipping the contending parties with an equal degree of excellency.

This entire project is his: Once again he is writing about the inner and the outer aspects of tragedy.