: Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition (): Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin: Books. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discovering Human Sexuality by Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin [Sinauer Associates, Inc., ] ( Paperback). Discovering Human Sexuality is an alternative version of Simon LeVay and Janice Baldwin’s textbook, Human Sexuality, which is also published by Sinauer .

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Discovering Human Sexuality

Sex-ed–What Teens Say Social media have risks and benefits Males masturbate more than females The sexual activity of American teens increased and then decreased The meaning of “virginity loss” varies Teen Sexuality Is Central to Identity Development Teen relationships are often short-lived Teen pregnancy is declining but is still too common Chapter James Casey rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Declining Sperm Counts Cancer and other disorders can affect the testicles Other glands contribute secretions to the semen What is semen?

Paperbackpages. Sex and the Nervous System Box: Extremely biased view towards a “modern” view of sexuality.

Ogi Ogas rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Go directly to our online catalogue. Dec 12, Leslie rated it it was amazing. Diaphragms and cervical caps are inconvenient but have few side effects Spermicides are not very reliable when used alone Hormone-Based Methods Are Easy to Use Combination pills offer health benefits Continuous use of combination pills eliminates menstrual periods Progestin-only pills have fewer side effects Hormones Can Be Administered by Non-Oral Routes Transdermal patches last a week Vaginal rings last three weeks Depo-Provera lasts three months Implants are extremely reliable Intrauterine devices require little attention The Availability of Hormonal Contraceptives May Be Limited Behavioral Methods Can Be Demanding In fertility awareness methods, couples avoid coitus during the fertile window The withdrawal method is simple but challenging Noncoital sex can be used as a means of avoiding pregnancy Combining long-acting methods and condoms makes sense Box: New to this Edition Coverage of recent sex-related developments in research, medicine, law, politics, and social trends has been added and is supported by current data and statistics Several new boxes address such topics as “Tempest in a Toilet: An evidence-based, accessible introduction to the study of sexuality and the diverse ways in which it brings joys and challenges to our lives.


I really like Discovering Human Sexuality because of its emphasis on biology and the fact that each edition is great at including recent phenomena, like changes in legal issues related to sexuality. Culture and Body Weight Attractiveness involves senses besides vision Behavior and personality influence sexual attractiveness Familiarity may increase or decrease attraction Perceived attractiveness varies around the menstrual cycle Asexual women and men do not experience sexual attraction Sexual Arousal Has Multiple Roots Fantasy is a common mode of sexual arousal Arousal occurs in response to a partner Gonadal steroid hormones influence sexual arousability Conditioning may influence arousal Sexual Arousal Follows a Response Cycle Box: He has written or co-authored several books on sexuality, and coauthored books on such diverse topics as earthquakes and volcanoes, extraterrestrial life, and Parkinson’s disease.

Discovering Human Sexuality by Simon LeVay

What Is “Great Sex”? I enjoyed it enough to read the chapters that were not covered in the class just to finish the whole book. He is the author or coauthor of 11 books, including Gay, Straight, and the Reasn Why: Jennifer rated it liked it Jul 19, Alicia Ricketts rated it liked it Apr 12, Sex and Suggestibility Strategies to prevent adult-child sex are quite effective Preadolescence May Be Marked by an Increase in Sexual Interest Preadolescent children segregate by sex Strict gender norms may traumatize children who become gay or trans adults Puberty Is a Period of Rapid Maturation Puberty is marked by visible and invisible changes Box: Keri rated it really liked it Dec 04, Can premature ejaculation be treated?

The Science of Sexual Orientation. I find the book interesting and yet not overwhelming, in a highly readable format.

I would be hard pressed to find a more thorough and approachable text. Which sex offenders will repeat their crimes? Simon LeVay is a writer and lecturer with a background in neuroscience.

Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition

Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement Contraception has not yet solved the problem of unintended pregnancy Different users have different contraceptive needs Physical Methods Block Sperm Transport Male condoms are reliable when properly used Female condoms are relatively intrusive Box: Female Ejaculation Brain imaging suggests where orgasm may be experienced Box: Sugaring Men who use escorts have liberal attitudes Some women use male prostitutes Juvenile prostitution is of special concern Box: Sample Chapter 4 – Click Here!


What’s wrong with polygamy?

sexuallity Seniors on Sex Chapter Talking with Children about Sex Some children engage in solitary sexual activity Sex with others can occur during childhood Cultures vary in their attitudes toward childhood sexuality Some Children Have Sexual Contacts with Adults Most adult-child contacts involve older children and are single encounters Some kinds of adult-child sex are more harmful than others Box: Finkel and Roy F. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

sexjality Commercial Gestational Surrogacy–An Ethical Minefield Many Embryos Do Not Survive Rh factor incompatibility can threaten second pregnancies Ectopic pregnancy can endanger the mother’s life Pregnancy Is Conventionally Divided into Three Trimesters The First Trimester Is a Period of Major Changes Prenatal care provides health screening, education, and support Adequate nutrition is vital to a successful pregnancy Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and radiation can harm discovefing fetus The Second Trimester Is the Easiest Tests can detect fetal abnormalities Sex during pregnancy is healthy Moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial The Third Trimester Is a Time of Preparation A hospital is the best location for childbirth if complications are foreseen Childbirth classes prepare parents for birth The fetus also makes preparations for birth Discvering Has Three Stages The first stage of labor is marked by uterine contractions and cervical dilation The second stage is the delivery of the baby Box: US Higher Education Not for profit.

Dec 05, Jeffrey Bumiller rated it really liked it. D is a British born neuroscientist turned science writer and teacher. I’d previously used another as recommended by a colleague, discoverring it didn’t emphasize biological aspects.

Overcoming homophobia is a communal enterprise Bisexual People Are Caught between Two Worlds The prevalence of bisexuality depends on definitions Bisexual people face prejudice Lesbian, gay, straight, bi, other–more alike than different Chapter