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And here are some drawings Attached: CodeWarrior CD for the latest up-to-date information. Originally Posted by everell: Sim ple Attenuationrequirements of the application and can be calculated.

Home Today’s Posts Search. In the end, I took the basic 5vsb design using the DM from the Fortron GLN series, put the parts on a small piece of perf-board, and installed it on the Bestec. It also drops the volts to something useful.

But digging further it looks alright. These services include sameday shipping on orders received prior to 8 p. It is the same board under the Sparkle brand.

DM311 Datasheet PDF

I would start dm31 that and that may be just it – mostly from what I have seen, the stand-by is not able to operate properly with any load when the capacitors go bad. Everells idea of replacing 1N with some fast diode together with quality caps should keep them alive for much longer.

I am including some photos of that power supply and the drawings I made. Check the voltage on pin 2. Included PWM controller integrates the fixed frequency oscillator, the undersuited for cost effective design of flyback converters. It is not dstasheet, inductance.

The feedback voltage pin is the inverting input to the PWM comparator with nominal input levels.

To turn on and stay on, the feedback voltage must increase to a minimum of 9 volts. Anyway, thanks for your valuable input, I see these PSUs quite a lot, but never had time to dive so much much into these tanks of shit That’s why I was surprised at first, I assumed I would be reading v here and that the resistor was bad.


Than it should be more than 70 V. Measure it and let us know what you get. It istransformer will decrease leakage inductance. I did a comprehansive study on this power supply board a few years ago. I will start with replacing the secondary diode, the zener and the R44 resistor and see.

Also if something is bad on the 5vsb line, it can load the transformer such that the feedback winding voltage never goes above 9 volts. Statistics are great for politicians. A potentiometer tied between the 1. No abstract text available Text: The Vstr resistor is a current limiter. So there should be some V drop with zener dropping it further to 20 V. Seems they have been using several different ICs but with practically the same circuitry.

DM datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM)

Than the rest is taken down to voltage we want with zener and the IC is fed with that. However, what usually goes bad because of excessive overheating due to using that GP diode and no cooling, and because of poor quality, dj311 the cap.

It had multiple problems. But how come I end up with the really bad ones??? Try Findchips PRO for dm 8 pin ic. Perhaps the large capxon cap started to go bad, and the PFC circuit worked harder to maintain the voltage, overheating the PFC coil and shorting out the DM from high voltage spikes? That is under normal operation though, if the DM draws more than 3 mA than it should, there can be higher drop on it than on the resistor.


Step 7 – Generation of driver code.

I have tens of them with bad caps only so at least for me, statistically, that is minority. CT as well as hour customer service and technical support from 6 p. CT as well as 24. I am now going dqtasheet test CM well some pins Do I still have to use primary ground for this?

Hopefully they will help you to understand the circuits better. I don’t know how much the zener can handle but I won’t expect much more than 50 V, than the current through it would be too high.

And shorted shottky diode on secondary side, I wonder if that was what killed the primary, or the other way around? Click any of the following links to jump to the.

Take it as a simple static linear power supply – it is designed for some exact current; as other linear PSUs, it basicaly burns most of the power we do not want, here on the 1M resistor. Originally Posted by selldoor: A minimum throughput rate of KHz Is achieved while only dissipating 1.

I have not seen a PSU of this type where they were not so replacing them is a must. If the chip or any of these four transistors short, it can load the feedback winding voltage such that it never goes above 9 volts. Now I don’t fix two transistor 5vsb circuits on Bestecs.

Also, if the Vcc goes above 20 volts it turns off.