DOMINUS IESUS: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Talk Handout. I. Proclamation as Spiritual Warfare (Walkthrough of 2 Cor ). A. God’s Strategy: Enlighten all. Declaration Dominus Iesus: full text, concordances and frequency lists. So much for the Congregation’s own synthesis of Dominus Jesus. . To be sure, some other leading figures in the English-speaking hierarchy provided more.

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Christ is the Mediator. If this tension is removed to reach clear formulas, and it is said that all ecclesial communities are the Church, and that all, despite their disagreements, are that one and holy Church, then no ecumenism exists, because there is no longer any reason dkminus seeking authentic unity.

Can you give an example of this? Was this question addressed by the Second Vatican Council?

Dominus Iesus – Wikipedia

Holy Week Jesus of Nazareth: But the encyclicals Ut Unum Sint or Redemptoris Missio, which treated these themes with different language, actually carry his own signa- ture. It is not iexus. Mitteilungsbaltt der Priesterbruderschaft St. Catholic Theological Society of America, Faithful to God’s word, the Second Vatican Council teaches: The fundamental contents of the profession of the Christian faith are expressed thus: Rather than being blamed for failing to emphasize content rather than form, the Declaration Dominus Iesus is often accused of a somewhat tactless approach that irritates the spokesmen of other religions and denominations.

Cardinal Sterzinsky of Berlin said that in theological formation it is necessary not to forget in sermons the “when, where and how”.

The Analysis of the declaration Dominus Iesus

Morrisey, OMI, of St. Unfortunately, Cardinal Cassidy and Bishop Kasper were prevented by concurrent engagements from taking part in some of the sessions, although they had been informed of the dates of these meetings well in advance.

AAS 65- According to the Council, the Church is ever more aware of her mission and duty, indeed of her ieeus vocation to announce to the world the true salvation which is found iexus in Jesus Christ … Yes, only in Christ can all mankind be saved. The intention of the present Declaration, in reiterating and clarifying certain truths of the faith, has been to follow the example of the Apostle Paul, who wrote to the faithful of Corinth: Therefore, he remarks on the fact that the Egnlish Church has no missionary organization directed at Jews: In this undertaking, theological research has a vast field of work under the guidance of the Church’s Magisterium.


Remember me on this computer. This authority may be passed to other eligible teachers according to the ecclesiastical law.

Several of his observations were incorporated into DI — in some cases, almost verbatim. Therefore, the fullness of Christ’s englissh mystery belongs also to the Church, inseparably united to her Lord. At the beginning of this millennium we find ourselves in a situation similar to that described by John at the end of the sixth chapter of his Gospel: This unity is so deep domins the Church can say with Saint Paul: All subsequent dogmas are no more than explications of this profession and ensure that its fundamental orientation, the gift of self to the living God, remains unaltered.

However, I am particularly determined to oppose this increasingly widespread tendency to transfer the Trinitarian mystery directly to the Church.

Dominus Iesus did precisely that in its treatment of the unique- ness of Christ and of the Catholic Church. The fact is that the Evangelical side now considers the definition “ecclesial englisy an offence.

In conclusion, the action of the Spirit is not outside or parallel to the action iess Christ. God’s ability to turn even our sins into something good certainly does not mean that sin is good.

What did the Pope mean? As a consequence, it is held that certain truths have been superseded; for example, the definitive and complete character of the revelation of Jesus Christ, the nature of Christian faith as compared with that of belief in other religions, the inspired nature of the books of Sacred Scripture, the personal unity between the Eternal Word and Jesus of Nazareth, the dominue of the economy of the Incarnate Word and the Holy Spirit, the unicity and salvific universality of the mystery of Jesus Christ, the universal salvific mediation of the Church, the inseparability — while recognizing the distinction — of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of Christ, and the Church, and the subsistence of the one Church of Christ in the Catholic Church.


The one subject which operates in the two natures, human and divine, is the single person of the Word. Furthermore, the salvific action of Jesus Christ, with and through his Spirit, extends englieh the visible boundaries of the Church to all humanity.

This seems to express a complete identity, which is why there was no Church outside the Catholic community.

The CDF’s Declaration “Dominus Iesus” and Pope John Paul II | Matthew W I Dunn –

In an interview published on 22 Septemberthe Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung invited Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to respond to the principal objections raised against the Declaration Dominus Iesus.

Of course, this self-assuredness is based on the doctrine of the apostolic succession.

On the contrary, precisely the doimnus is true. It must therefore be firmly believed as a truth of Catholic faith that the universal salvific will of the One and Triune God is offered and accomplished once for all in the mystery of the incarnation, death, and resurrection of the Son of God.

A better term than “elements” might exist, but its real meaning is clear: Even if the questions and answers reflect the German context, the text of the interview offers sound explanations that are also applicable and useful outside this context. Jesus Christ delivers man from his sins and from eternal death.

You yourself have pointed out that the expression “elements of truth”, which is central in the current dispute, is somewhat infelicitous.