Dungeon Crawl Classics # The Dragonfiend Pact [Chris Doyle] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Remember the good old days, when. Dec 3, The Dragonfiend Pact | Book cover and interior art for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game – DCC, DCC. Goodman Games. PAPERBACK. Please allow 4 – 14 business days for Standard shipping, within the US. Thank you for supporting our small.

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Much like those adventures of yore, The Dragonfiend Pact wastes very little time in getting down to the action. And while the internal artwork might not quite match that of the originals, it comes close enough to nudge the nostalgia button in those old enough to remember. The book includes a new spell, Improved Reduce Person, as well as notes on how a player character and his equipment are effected when shrunk.

Lets run a Module: DCC 11 THe Dragonfiend Pact

Lets run a Module: Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, The adventure is for second level characters and I found it to be very well put together and creative. Description Description An adventure for 2nd level characters Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level?

The plot is still simple, such as the dungeon, which is in keeping with the First Edition feel. The party is tasked to descend down the well, locate the perpetrator, and return what pach goods they can find.

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Dungeon Crawl Classics #11: The Dragonfiend Pact PDF

Back to reviews index. Ask the seller a question. Dungeon Crawl Classics The adventure suggests that a party should comprise of at least one fighter, one cleric, and one wizard, though a rogue would also be quite handy. The small town of Welwyn has been beset by a string of robberies.

Saturday, 3rd September, The dungeon contains a good mix of encounters, puzzles, and traps. Citadel of the Corruptor Goodman Games.

Michael Bond – the man behind Paddington Bear “All the same But in the case of Dungeon Crawl Classics Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Cover may not represent actual copy or condition available. The cover art matches the style of those books, dragonfienf do the maps inside the cover, which are printed in the same blue and white.

In order to progress from the first few rooms to the last the characters need to negotiate a long rat warren. But it shows an intelligence and thoughtfulness in its design while still keeping to the feel of yesteryear. Reviews – DCC I figure I’ll keep trying until something catches peoples interest, so do a mid level if you want. That said, notes are included if the GM wants to run the scenario with fewer players or first level characters, or with seven or more players, or third level characters.

I just went with this since I just ran it last night. A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. To get to the source of the crimes, the heroes must shrink themselves with potions of improved reduce person and explore a series of dangerous rat warrens where their prey is larger than they are!


DCC 11 THe Dragonfiend Pact Since not everyone is going to be able to or want to run the module that won this little contest, I figure it might be fun to spread it out and cover some other good adventures that got nominated.

Being an introductory product accounts for the great price, and what better time to make introductions. The Dragonfiend Pact might well be a dungeon crawl or bash, and unashamedly so.

To traverse these tunnels, they must shrink to diminutive size and make their way through to the other side. Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level?

The heroes are led to the natural cave system located at the bottom of the town well, which they must explore to find the burglars. Reset Fields Log in. Characters don’t get a usable Pact from the Pact Initiate feat.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Tell us about it! The Dragonfiend Pact does not want for lack of plot, being intelligently written and suited to the adventure. Biblio sellers have a fantastic collection of Beat Generation draggonfiend and ephemera for browsing.

– Reviews – DCC # The Dragonfiend Pact

What makes Biblio different? The whole point is to hopefully get people to run the same modules and then we can all talkl about them. Related reviews on OgreCave: The Dragonfiend Pactthe price is not in question or drwgonfiend.