Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons® Player’s Handbook . The Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook is published under the terms of the Open Game . The Open Game License The Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook is published under the terms of the Open Game License and the d20 System Trademark. The first book is to Dragonstar what the Player’s Handbook is to D&D: the Starfarer’s Handbook. This is the hardcover book that’s supposed to tell you all that you.

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Dragonstar is very is a classical space opera setting – it includes most of the cliches that we love so much: Under Dragonstarlasers are treated as fire attacks per the D20 system rules, and blasters which throw pulses of ionized particles are treated as electricity attacks.

This lets these weapons be neatly integrated with the existing system. The following products were licensed for publication by Mystic Eye Games now defunct for the Dragonstar Campaign setting:.


This theory led to a new religion that rdagonstar the basis of an emerging unified interstellar culture. Indicative of its rules-based focus, this is a design rather than art per se, much like the Core Rulebooks. The rest of the book has monotone sketches and drawings which range from average to superb, with most being good – Xragonstar found the character sketches in the ‘Classes’ section particularly evocative. The game was first announced on the Fantasy Flight website on December 5, This is the really ugly part.

After the core classes, prestige classes are given a similar treatment. Welcome To Dragonstar, gives an overview of the campaign setting from the point of view of an Imperial Legion veteran explaining the setting to a new conscript from an outlying planet.

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Dragonstar: Starfarer’s Handbook

Dragonstar featured a sizable number of races. For the science fiction book series, see Dragonstar science fiction series. First of all, there’s a LOT of Good. So I’m arbitrarily adding a point.


Two new classes, Pilot and Mechanist, are also presented. Soulmechs, a new PC race, are very cool.

Dragonstar: Starfarer’s Handbook by Fantasy Flight Games Staff (, Game) | eBay

Another new race, the Tsalokhia gith -like psionic race bred from human root-stock by the mind flayers, only to turn on them, crept through in the Player’s Companion.

It appears that FFG has chosen to err on the side of playability over realism, which should not be surprising given the approach of the d20 system to date. For example, wiki forum will find:. Wednesday, 16th October, A basic premise of the setting is that advanced technology is sufficient to handle most tasks, but things that are considered impossible by our current understanding of physics, such as faster-than-light travel between stars, force-fields, and teleportation, are accomplished with magic.

It’s also important to remember and FFG does!

The gundancer is a mystic warrior who masters firearms, and gains class abilities that make them formidable combatants with ultramodern ranged weapons. The new feats are mechanically very sound – Greg Benage really did his homework before doing this book – and mostly deal with piloting, ranged weapons and the environment of space.

The Starfarer’s Handbook includes new character classes, races, skills, feats, spells, high-tech equipment, firearms, robots, and vehicles. The chapter provides a few guidelines for adapting the existing spells to the setting, such as giving the spiritual weapons of the unification church and defining the effect of the freedom of movement spell in space.

WTH are Space and Star dragons? Raw Recruits is the first Dragonstar d20 adventure series designed to take four to six player characters from first to fourth level. The art size and usage is not overdone and the amount of art might even be considered a little sparse. Results 1 to 10 of There is also a discussion of changes to the Prestige Classes from the DMG, and 3 new Prestige Classes – Gundancer monk with firearmsNegotiator mind-reamerand Technomancer manipulates machines with magic.


A new Genre is born, well Spellware are augmentations that you can add to living beings.

New feats include armor proficiency poweredautofire improves the ability to hit with multiple shots when using an autofire weaponcrack shot halves cover penaltiesspeed load allows you to stwrfarer as a free actionstarship pilotingand two-gun shooting.

The statistics for vehicles introduce new size categories beyond colossal. Starfrer Flight Games Puzzles. Your ad here, right now: These 12 Deitypes seeded similarities all across the life-supporting worlds of the galaxy. An other rules sttarfarer I enjoy, the autofire and suppressing fire rules, very simple and fun. Orcs and soulmechs have no level modifiers. Probably the easiest way for me to go over the book is to explain the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The mechanist represents talented technicians and engineers. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Dragonstar The Starfarer’s Handbook D20 RPG by Fantasy Flight Games FFGDS01 | eBay

The dragons would assimilate newly discovered inhabited planets along the edge of the Empire, also known as the Outlands not to be confused with the outer plane of the same name. The chapter offers much more than weapons and armor, however, you’ll find useful gear ranging from the simple datapad and language translator to Behaviour Analyzers, Autodocs and Hostile Environment Suits.

The chapters follow the same basic layout and development as the Player’s Handbook Core Rulebook – races, classes, skills, feats, et cetera – in that order. These aspects were the 12 “Deitypes,” short for Deity Archetypes. The negotiator is a civilized class specialized in the art of diplomacy and politics in the empire.