It is the process of Correspondence with the Customer/Vendor about In SAP we can schedule the Dunning Process and maintain different Accounts Receivable is a submodule of SAP FI used to manage and record. Dunning process. 1. DUNNING PROCESS SAP – MODULE FI HAIDT2; 2. AgendaWhat is Dunning?Dunning. SAP FI Dunning | 1. Dunning is the process of notifying customers that an unpaid obligation has become past due.

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Good, its is very detail and clear document.

SAP FI Dunning Procedure for Customer Outstanding Invoices

In case the customer has different language and the form contains different language, then please follow the document attached to translate the source ficl to target language. Due by end of Next Month Invoice Date: Julie, Very informative and helpful article.

July 2, at 3: Very well written document! Keep up the Good Work.

Dunning Procedures for Customer Configuration Steps SAP

October 13, dunningg 3: Hi Julie, Thanks for sharing the configuration with dunnkng shots; makes it a lot easier for everyone to understand. Customer payments are entered into the SAP Financial Accounting sub ledger to pay for goods and services provided. The Dunning program can be executed either as a batch job or using an online dialog transaction. October 28, at 5: September 14, at 8: In case we will specify the checks that are to be maintained by user before starting dunning the customer.


September 4, at Each level will contain a unique form with escalating level of severity. Thank you for you comment, Jay! June 4, at 4: Define Block reason for Dunning Notices. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. This is a month end duty. What could be the cause for the difference between the number of generated notices and printed notices?

The dunning program treats a down payment received as a dunnning memo and reduces the receivables by the amount of the down payment.

Conclusion SAP Dunning process is a very useful tool that organizations can utilize within FI-AR that will help them with their unpaid invoice collections. We determine at which intervals the allocated accounts are to be dunn ed for every dunning procedure. Hope you always keep passion to SAP…. Can you help, please? Our current configuration is set with a Dunning Interval of 21 days, and Days in arrears of 30, 51, 72 and 93 for the four dunning levels.

Create Dunning Keys We define dunning keys in this step.

September 12, at September 1, at 3: Hi Julie, Really great work done and this will help for me a lot because am new to this community. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and spa sharing.


SAP FI Dunning Procedure for Customer Outstanding Invoices | SAP Blogs

Remaining items that are deemed to be in arrears based on the terms code previously mentioned will be addressed using the Dunning program. If you can update whether, Dunning amount can be picked in the Invoice of dunjing next month. Very detail oriented document. To ensure payment is made according to these rules, an organization may need to remind its customers that invoices are due or payment is late. Best Regards, Naresh K. Good work Julie, very detailed document!

Could you give an example of when Dunning letters would be produced based on the following configuration: August 19, at 1: Standard FI document type Dunnibg is typically used for this purpose.

It is really wonderful document and useful to many of the FI consultants who is going to implement Dunning. Standard FI document type DR is typically used for this purpose.

Future tutorials will explore more details on the configurationexecution, and modification fco the Dunning program.

December 12, at 5: