The Hare with Amber Eyes (Illustrated Edition): A Hidden Inheritance [Edmund de Waal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The definitive. The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund de Waal. The potter believes in the existential hum of objects, but this tale of a. “It could write itself, I think, this kind of story,” admits De Waal, celebrated ceramic artist and a descendant of the once “staggeringly rich”.

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At times, it’s hard to believe the story is non-fiction. The focus of this family pained by anti-Semitismis on the inheritance of a large collection of Japanese netsukes. La banca di famiglia a Vienna, poi, viene citata da J.

This is a very special book — de Waal approaches his extraordinary family history as the artist he se, art, paintings, and especially decorative objects and architecture are all infused with his extraordinary visual and tactile sense. Or because it was given to me.

The author has decided to investigate everything related to the netsuke collection which he has inherited. The story of the netsuke binds everything together, as de Waal brings the story up to the present.

To me the most edumnd thing was small like the netsuke the book centres on – over Jews killed themselves on the night when the Nazis took over in Vienna and went on a rampage of destruction and defilement.

In crossing over from ceramic to literary creativity, de Waal also crosses cities, continents and generations, constantly alert to the power of places and objects — from national monuments to netsuke — to unfold human history. At another level, this gem of a history is a meditation on objectsnay thingsand what things do and don’t mean, and how things become mediums, vehicles, capsules, touchstones, or vessels for family histories. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Back to The Hare with Amber Eyes: The family is not erased, but written over. I felt the writer, too, was aware of that, and tried to over-explain them back into the saga. Not only for the part of the family in Austria, but also earlier in Paris, where Charles Ephrussi led a life of luxury, spending the family fortune; and that had nothing to do with Jewish ethnicity.


With access to family letters, photographs and personal testimonies, his account has a veneer of authenticity and freshness that is welcomed. Why not come straight out and ask him: But the netsuke were smuggled away by a loyal maid, Anna, and hidden in her straw mattress.

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family’s Century of Art and Loss by Edmund de Waal

Odessa was a city within the Pale of Settlement, the area on the western borders of imperial Russia in which Jews were allowed to live. Lots of stories about Kovecses, their country house in what would become Czechoslovakia. It has no connection to the savings carefully taken into the bank on market day or hidden in the coffee pot on the mantlepiece.

The later chapters of the book had a bit more potential, but it really wasn’t up to scratch. The most enchanting history lesson imaginable. Edmknd the story itself becomes a netsuke – I feel it curl in on itself – a small beautiful thing that can fit into the palm of my hand – where it opens more and more the longer I hold it.

The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal – review

Their survival is wondrous, but I don’t think their presence turns The Hare With Amber Eyes from memoir into book of ideas, as de Waal seems to believe. The author, Jerry Muller, is a historian, not an economist or businessman. I have read enjoyed Fermor’s book on his travels acroos Europe by foot. It is one of the many such objects, small valuable Japanese miniaturesthat had semi-practical use in Japan when men wore Kimonos. The book is a biography of de Waal’s inherited collection of more than pieces of Japanese netsuke, small carved figurines of ivory and wood nowadays you might see knock-offs of these in pawn shops and flea markets but the real deal is, as we learn here, worth a small fortune.


He would tell their story. There was a desk and a single bulb. Explore the Home Gift Guide. If anyone out there knows of similar books, LMK! As a Jewish family, the Nazis confiscated everything they owned and literally put the family out on the street.

However, the author has set out to discover the path the netsuke collection has taken.

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund de Waal

A Hidden Inheritance Paperback. If I choose to pick up this small white cup with its single chip near the handle, will it figure in my life?

As all the summaries and reviews say, the generation of his great grandfather were a wealthy Jewish banking and grain exporting dynasty in Paris and Vienna and around Europe, and also art collectors and patrons, but in the next generation the family’s financial wealth and influence was lost in the conflagration of Hitler and WWII.

He conjures up the atmosphere in Paris and Vienna, describes in great detail homes and daily life of a super rich family, from their beginnings as bankers in Odessa to their dispersal into various countries.

I need to find a way of unraveling its story. Be aware oif this when you pick up the book.

De Waal writes beautifully. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. She says she was expecting “an inward-looking, ruminative meditation on the aftermath of conflict” and “found instead Hardcoverpages.

They stopped being things; they became part of the familily’s life. Manet wanted francs for it, a substantial sum, and Charles, thrilled, sent 1, It is the biography of a collection and the biography of gare family. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Be careful, he would say, of the unwarranted gesture: