This is a text and translation of the Old Norse poem Hávamál, the Sayings of that in Anthony Faulkes put together a glossary and index to Hávamál as. The Havamal known as “The Words of Odin” is a poem from the Poetic Edda. A collection of wisdom that details Odin’s own experiences and advice. Sam Flegal is raising funds for Fateful Signs: The Illustrated Havamal on Kickstarter! A meditation on the wisdom of the ancient Norse text, “The.

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Then I began [2] to be [1] fruitful [2] and wise, to grow and to flourish; speech fetched my speech for speech, action fetched hxvamal action for action. A ruler’s son must be silent and thoughtful and brave in battle; each man must be happy and cheerful until he suffers death.

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Then that is proven when you consult the runes, originated by the gods, those which havaaml gods made and the mighty sage coloured, that it is best if he is silent. The edition I used in the preparation of the translation as will be apparent from some of the notes is: The fool stares when he comes on a visit to acquaintances; he mumbles to himself or hovers. It is a compromise between helping the student of the original and producing a readable translation.

Often they don’t precisely know, those who sit first in a house, whose kinsmen they are who come later: With the Christianization of the North, scholars took it upon themselves to preserve their ancient culture by writing down these verses.

Havaaml know the fifth: With the help of the Kickstarter community I have created 5 successful Kickstarter Campaigns. I know that I hung upon a windy tree for nine whole nights, wounded with a spear and given to Othinn, myself to myself for me; on that tree I knew nothing of what kind of roots it came from.


Ale is not as good as fl is said to be good for the sons of men; because the man knows less — he who drinks more — of his disposition. Firstly, I have made some changes from a literal translation to one that “sounds better”, i. The verses are attributed to Odin ; the implicit attribution to Odin facilitated the accretion of various mythological material also dealing with the same deity. Hail to him who spoke!

This charm, which prevents fetters from holding a prisoner, is presumably what the Mercians were looking for in the clothing of the Northumbrian Imma, who was captured after the Battle of Trent in but could not be chained see Bede’s Ecclesiastical HistoryIV. Verses are a long harangue to Loddfafnir, and most of them begin with a refrain of four lines telling Loddfafnir that it would be better if he took the advice: With the help of my wife, who is a graphic designer for a very successful ad agency in Nashville, TN, I am confident that I can overcome any challenges presented by this project.

I have given instead “though spears might spare him”: There should be repayment for such gifts. Powerful is that beam that must move from side to side to open for all; give a ring, or it will call down every evil on your limbs.

The fir decays, the one that stands in the hamlet: Thanks to Serge Boffa for this suggestion. The wary guest who comes for a meal is silent with strained hearing, listens with ears and examines with eyes; so each of the wise searches about himself.

Many of the more modern and arguably more accurate translations are the creative property of their translators. Drawings Volume 1I present you with Fateful Signs: The unwise man is awake all night and thinks of all sorts of things; then he is tired when morning comes, and all the trouble is as it was. Support Select this reward. Bellows identifies as the core of the poem a “collection of proverbs and wise counsels” which dates to “a very early time”, but which, by the nature of oral tradition, never had a fixed form or extent.


Doubtful it is to me that I could have come again out of the giant’s court, if I had not enjoyed Gunnloth, the good woman, over whom I laid my arm. Wikisource has original text related to this article: My clothes I gave in a field to two wooden men: Fl you know how you must try?

Hávamál – Wikipedia

Asterisks in the translation are links to further discussion in the notes. Blessings on those who listened!

The Norse Odin and Divine Autosacrifice”. Know, if you have a friend in whom you have faith, and you wish to get something good from him, you must share with his mind and exchange gifts, and go often to seek him out.

Fateful Signs: The Illustrated Havamal by Sam Flegal — Kickstarter

Stanzas sl and 27 are expanded beyond uavamal standard four lines by an additional two lines of “commentary”. He becomes happy at night who trusts his journey-provisions; a ship’s sailyards are short; an autumn-night is changeable. He is blessed who has within himself praise and sense while he lives, because [5] man has often received [4] ill-counsel from the breast of another. For the unwise man who comes among men, it is best that be he silent.

To date I have delivered all the rewards to the satisfaction of my backers.