Buy El Medio Es El Masaje (Studio / Study) by Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. El Medio Es El Masaje/ The Media is the Massage: Un Inventario De Efectos/ an Inventory of Effects Studio / Study Spanish Edition by Marshall McLuhan. El Medio es el masaje; Marshall McLuhan y Quentin Fiore fue un educador, filósofo y estudioso canadiense. Profesor de literatura inglesa.

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The new technology demands that we abandon the luxury of this posture, this fragmentary outlook.

The book itself is a piece of art, let alone the message it is trying to stimulate. Not all my mentors in high school were teachers. For a book published 5o years ago, this short book has aged very well beyond a few references to the technology of the times.

I will re-visit images and text many times. Jun 04, Daniel Benevides ell it it was amazing. He sees media’s future – the integrated circuit, and talks about how this is the next step.

Today, the reverse is the problem. I personally found that it had me constantly thinking about what would come next. Interesting but like in the same way that going to a modern art museum is interesting.

Open Preview See a Problem? Will not appeal if you want decent politics, good arguments, good writing, good analysis, or good art. Because Marshall McLuhan talks about media in the form of integrated circuits. His idea that television means the viewer participates whereas other mass media is just a “packaging device” makes no sense and is never explained.

The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan

meedio We trust our eyes more than we trust our ears — and this is interesting, particularly in the move from the print obsessed world toward out new obsession with television images.

And second guilt is just as private. The ideas are genius and brilliant and groundbreaking even today, but the masajw design element felt a little messy and random to me, and at time the writing would get superfluous. It has reconstituted dialogue on a global scale.


The Medium is the Massage

Much recommended, though, to learn about this important process of thought! Oh, actually, I have this further thought. May 30, Lisa rated it really liked it. In this interesting little book, McLuhan explains that “electric technologies” it was published in will change collective perception and will encourage increased participation in the world and thus, we will become a global village inherently magshall and involved.

Indeed, I think I read it at his place in under an hour. We do everything as well as we can.

El Medio es el masaje; Marshall McLuhan y Quentin Fiore by Angie Gutiérrez on Prezi

Observer’s today might find its pages unremarkable, like looking at the splash page of a website. While not foreseeing the hardware used in the transition, McLuhan did imagine the changes in the way ea approach situations and process information that is, in a linear vs.

It’s just refreshing to compare to the rest of what’s out there. Although we may talk of a Kubrick film or even a David Lynch television series, these seem exceptions to us today – where ‘from the makers of’ often makes me think the new film simply won’t be nearly as good as the previous effort – a response learnt from aversion therapy.

This is the reason for the great alienation between generations. And I’m betting that innovation will come through developments in string theory and quantum physics. I was really bummed when Mesio found this because the titular pun had come to me on the toilet about a month earlier, and I could no longer be proud of my presumed invention.

I think the book’s thesis applies even better to the internet. One of my favourite examples being Hermes, the messenger god, who Homer tells us could run swifter than the wind. Marshall McLuhan doesn’t mention the word Internet, but I’d imagine he’d not be surprised by it McLuhan does not talk about the Internet – but he talks around it.

There are clear stages in the development of human communication and these are related to the senses that have been heightened and made more powerful by the application of new technologies. Sure McLuhan deals with the ‘electrical’ media of his time, but his clear analysis makes it easy to extrapolate to the digital maeshall.


Of the Tri-S elders, Ed Erickson became my closest companion during the junior year–and even afterwards when he went off the the University of Marahall, Champaign-Urba Not all my mentors in high school were teachers.

A lot of it looks absurd in the context of the 40 odd years of technological and political. Herbert Marshall McLuhan, CC, was a Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar — a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communications theorist.

Goodreads’ policy is this: The difference between a culture that must rely on the oral transmission amrshall data, compared to one that can rely on a written technology is substantial.

I spend my life avoiding advertising. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The “art” aspect is pretty poor and I really don’t appreciate stuff like mirror text. There are ez when what McLuhan has to say seems frighteningly prescient given that this was written in the early s.

Although originally printed inthe art and medip in The Medium is the Massage seem as fresh today as in the summer of love, and the ideas are even more resonant now that computer interfaces are becoming gateways to the global village. And with a kind eo ambivalence of value that seems appropriate: His mom was a member of Womens’ Strike for Peace, his sister was the best friend of the girl I hankered for, his father tolerated us all.

The phonetic alphabet forced the magic world of the ear to yield to the neutral world of the eye. I define advertising of that type, ie inmyface, not something I choose to look at, as offensive in principle.