This article describes the applications, process capabilities, and limitations and advantages of electrostream and capillary drilling. It describes equipment and. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sridhar ioned.

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It is indeed my great pleasure to express my sincere thanks to Gayatri Prasad, Seshu, Prabhudas, Janardhan Reddy, VenuPhani driling all my friends for their timely help and friendly cooperation in sorting out my problems and making my stay at I.

They conducted the experi- ments using NaCl electrolyte on Inconel alloy material. I am specially thankful to Mr. The results of their study are shown in Fig 1. The reason for an increase in diameter of the hole at the top surface is electrosteeam attributed to the stray current effect and partly due to the fact that this portion of the workpiece is subjected to electro-chemical dissolution throughout the period of drilling.

Hast alloy, Heynes alloy. The weight of the samples before and after machining is recorded. This increase in diameter is attributed partly to the stray current effect and ptirtly to the fact that electrowtream portion of the work piece is subjected for maximum period of time to electro-chemical dissolution throughout the machining operation [2]. Here xi and refer to the coded level values. Schematic showing the deepest depth profile 24 2. Bellows and Kohls [1] reported electroostream non-traditional machining methods that can be used to solve the modem hole making problems.

In such cases, non-traditio. After machining, the workpieces are parted off by removing the solder.

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Reason for using split type work pieces is to visualize the depth profile after machining. The combind head due to gravity and pump resulted in flowrate greater than theoritical value i.


EDM and LBM are ther- mal processes and therefore cause the formation of heat alfected zones and micro cracks on the work surface, resulting in metallurgical damage of the workpiece surface material. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. To meet the demands of technologically advanced industries like aeronautic, nuclear, gas-turbineautomobile, rapid developments have taken place in the field of material science to develope the materials having better properties in terms of strength, hardness, and toughness at elevated temperatures.

Problems such as tool wear and excessive heat generation at the tool and workpiece interface are encountered while employing conventional mechanical drilling techniques. So the machined hole profile is captured using the shadow graph at 20X magnification. In the absence of knowledge of mathematical form of it can be approximated satisfactorily, within the experi- mental region, by a polynomial in the variables x.

Sridhar Sastry, has been carried out under our supervision and that this work has not been submitted elsewhere for a degree.

But drilling of small holes with large aspect ratios is beyond the scope of ECM because of over cutting on account of sideway current flow.

Electrostream Drilling Of High Speed Steel

So in the present work BSD is carried out using acidic electrolytes. Electrical Power Supply Basic components of a work holding fixture are 1. Process details of ESD and STEM are reported in [1, 5, 6, 7, 8] Kozak, Rajurkar and Balakrishna [9] have reported a mathematical model for determining relationship between the machining rate and working conditions electrolyte flow velocity, jet length and voltage.

Block diagram of the experimental system of study is shown in Fig 2. Design of experiments for ESD To evaluate the effects of electrolyte concentration and voltage on material re- moval machined mass machined elsctrostream depth, and machined hole diameter out- ercentral composite rotatable design was selected.


The acidic electrolytes used in ESD dissolves the precipitates thereby avoiding sludge formation during drilling. With the above conversion the experiments are conducted in the random order according to the plan given in Table 2.

LBM costs low for very fine hole drilling.

I am very much grateful to my parents who always supported me despite many problems in all the circum- stances. One such problem is drilling small deep holes in the super al- loys. It is evident from the figure that the top. With ESD holes as small as 0. By employing pulsed power supply, machining takes place only during pulse on time, and during off time-no reaction takes place. In ESD, the current drawn during the machining is of the order of millie amperes that is very low.

The work vice is supported by the work table, which is fixed to the base of the machining chamber. Some of the test conditions used during the experimentation are given in Table 2.

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I am thankful to the staff of manufacturing Science Laboratory, Mr. This is done before taking weight of the work piece after ESD. The chamber is provided with a detachable top cover plate for making ad- justments from the top whenever necessary.