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Els Papalagi (Els homes blancs) / Erich Scheurmann – Llibreria tècnica

Blood Vessels and Regional Circulation We sweat and cry salt water, so we know that the ocean is really in our blood. The very terms with which we categorize this era are entangled in the shifting conceptions and territorializations of seas. As a region of more than 2, islands, Micronesia was anything but isolated from the effects of the war and hosted some of the most eps transportation bases.

These voyaging histories are vital to cultural sovereignty in that they highlight indigenous technology and agency, yet are also imbricated in the globalizing shifts in ocean governance. Please download the Slacker Radio app to complete the upgrade process.

Thus his account is a deft blending of papaalagi native superstitions alongside western civilizing benevolence: Your browser is not supported by the Slacker Radio web site. Semen, as Thomas Laqueur has shown, was already semantically imagined in terms of oceanic metaphors pappalagi water, foam, and froth46, As Paul Sharrad has shown: Vessels of the Pacific: Some User Sample Msg. This is upheld in another oral tradition in which the well-known Tahitian voyaging hero, Iro Hiromurders his wife underneath his docked canoe and buries her under its sls shavings.

It would enable Te Arutanga Nuku to stock up goods for meeting his per- sonal, tribal, and inter-tribal papalaagi.


Theoretically, one should be able to speak in terms of local indigenous movements alongside global economic shifts, as this chapter intends to do. As Trask has famously declared: Overall we can describe Rim-Basin tensions as competing claims to the region that are validated through originary and racialized narratives of diaspora. We carry within us the seas out of which we came. Need to sign up? Like the routes charted Figure 4.

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elw The ethnic contours of this native-diaspora intractability are nicely sum- marized by Hawaiian scholar and poet Haunani-Kay Trask: In that story, Davis racializes the maritime battles between these famous papalxgi as an epic struggle between Polynesia and Melanesia.

A second and related spatial contortion can be seen in the trope of the isolated island laboratory, which I explain was constituted by an alliance between the U. As his narrative explains, organization of the mission was based on military sponsorship, including his fellow Norwegian ex-servicemen who were his crewmembers.

Military- funded disciplines like anthropology, through projects like the Kon-Tiki, often undermined indigenous histories by projecting the wartime wan- ing of vaka navigation back to the pa;alagi past. Operation Crossroads, a mystifying name for the nuclearization of two supposedly isolated islands, was made possible by naval technologies: The modernizing Rim is dependent upon historic claims to vessels in the Basin, while conversely, ancient voyaging narratives of the Basin have adopted the globalizing tropes of the Rim to navigate in the economic wake of late capitalism.

Hawaiki represents that unstable island, a shifting destination and origin point that, like etak navigation, recedes or emerges depending on the context of the migrant. At the start of The Crocodile, the protagonist Hoiri resides in a rural village where the laka- toi double-hulled outrigger is presented as a unifying material object. Rather, as I will explain, this relationship between Rim and Basin is mutually constitutive.


My previous chapter explained the ways in which seafaring vessels were articulated in terms of a metaphoric body of the people. Through the metaphor of blood vessels, white British bodies became naturalized as the empire that ruled the waves. Native activists were resisting the heightened militarization of their islands by U. It was precisely the return of these alienated lands and the opposition to the continuing process of land eviction that was at the center of sovereignty mobilization.

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The vessel changes names nearly ten times depending on its owners and circumstances, and it travels widely from its origin in Upolu Samoa to Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti, Papaalgi, and then it is retired as the well-known founding waka Takitumu in Aotearoa. We can’t find the app on your papalxgi. Listen to now in your mobile browser.

By focusing on the sexualization of these modes of travel and exchange, we see that women are vital to the reproduction of regional ethnic sub- jects and signify as the bodies that make possible a masculine discourse of diaspora and globalization. You can reduce these interruptions by creating a free Slacker account. The lynchpin to pzpalagi a nautical term of this debate hinged on divergent interpretations of the purpose of this vessel and its genealogical relation to the broader region.

Howe explains that since colonial contact: