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Eguren descends from the Middle Ages.

His beliefs do not even characterize his work. He is the General Cooperative of hopes. The revolutionary feeling of Melgar, like that of Pumacahua, was fed by our own blood and our own history.

Enrique López Albújar

As a pure poet, Eguren does not write a single verse on order or for an occasion; he does not worry about popular or critical taste; he does not celebrate Spain, or Alfonso XIII, or Saint Rosa of Lima; he does not even recite his verses at gatherings or parties. In Authors, Poets, and Playwrights.

But Hidalgo is, as he could emrique help but be, in the vanguard.

Spiritually and ideologically, the most significant was Pedro S. In literary historiography, the concept of a national literature is neither timeless nor very precise. And nobles as red as scorpions cast angry looks; the most Herculean, taking a deep breath, shouts out: The author of Pdginas libres appears as an author whose spirit is Western and whose culture is European.


I sense God, who walks within me with the afternoon and with the sea. Colonialism—nostalgic evocation of the viceroyalty—seeks to appropriate the figure of Ricardo Palma. This distinction is not clearly expressed, but it is based on an obvious fact. Valdelomar is unusually sensitive to rustic settings. There is nothing satanic or morbid in him.

The imagination and style now known as orientalism are not peculiarly of the Orient but of all the East and of all barbaric, primitive literatures.

Its ranks included not only Valdelomar, More, and Gibson, but youthful writers like myself who were just beginning. His spiritual loyalties, moreover, coincide with his artistic. Suzanne Lopez has written: The novel will be reborn, no doubt, as realistic art in the proletarian society.

Cuentos andinos ( edition) | Open Library

He studies its colors and outline, but he disregards its complementary tints alhujar contours. Palma interprets the criollo, the mestizo, and the middle-class elite of a republican Lima which, even if it is the one that acclaims Pierola—who is more of Arequipa than of Lima in temperament and style—is no less the one that in our time criticizes its own tradition, rejects its amdinos lineage, denounces its centralism, supports the claims of the Indian, and extends both hands to the rebels of the provinces.

He would disdain the mediocrity who repeated his phrases. I have already alluded to his fondness for Scandinavian and Germanic myths.


Therefore, it needs to acquire Palma in order to display, rightfully or not, an authentic prestige. And I am grieved by the submissive little hands of your afternoons. The heavy, academic work of Lavalle and other colonialists is forgotten because it cannot be popular; the work of Palma lives on because it can be and is qndinos. Air and light disappear and this is left empty. His jeers are inspired by his class consciousness.

Literature is not independent of other categories of history. Libro dedicado a sus hijos.

He only too clearly announced his intention of strengthening and consolidating a class system. Alberto Guillen inherited the iconoclastic and egocentric spirit of the colonida generation. It was marked by the appearance of Nuestra Epoca, a journal of even shorter duration than Colonida. The Spaniard had already developed the narrative from epic poem to novel. But Eguren interprets the mystery with the innocence of a fanciful, visionary child, whereas in Maeterlinck the mystery is frequently the product of a literary albujra.