Ericsson HetNet: ULF EWALDSSON Vice President and Head of Radio CHRISTIAN HEDELIN Head of product Marketing March 18, Lately we’ve written a lot about the heterogeneous network, or HetNet, exploring how today’s big-tower mobile grids will evolve into dense. In HetNet news this week, Ericsson shares its outlook for small cells, Devicescape partners with Open Mobile, and underground data use.

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You can check out eICIC enhanced inter-cluster interference coordiantion for more information. HetNets — the use of a variety of cells and solutions to improve networks — have been a popular topic hetnt some time as demand for mobile data goes exponential. In a recent interview with Light Reading MobileEricsson’s VP and head of mobile broadband, Magnus Ewerbring, said the new base station products will be introduced in the second half of next year.

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Alcatel-Lucent last week unveiled a new addition to its LightRadio small cell portfolio that incorporates carrier-grade WiFi access. The acquisition of BelAir by Ericsson is another sign that WiFi is becoming an integral element of HetNets — high-capacity mobile networks consisting of macro infrastructure augmented with small cells.

Should privacy be treated as a right to protect stringently, or a commodity for users to trade for benefits? The 5G network environment in the future is likely to turn into a network environment with different frequencies, which will result in a sharp rise in the interference of frequencies.


Regulations should protect privacy at all costs Rules should be flexible to allow users to trade privacy for benefits. Netscout Video Resource Center. Ericsson is still no fan of femtos.

Not, he added, “toss these left and right. We use cookies to give you the best experience. Fiber to the X Fundamentals.

Broadcom, HCL Technology in global preferred services pact. An Introduction to Interference Hunting. Post a Comment Read 2 comments. Rather, Ewerbring’s “ball park” estimate is that small cells will be needed on the “same order of magnitude as the number of macro sites” and only in areas where the network is overloaded.

Nexstar plans to buy Tribune in 4.

They support remote software activation of frequency bands and features which eliminates the need for site visits as the network evolves and the use of spectrum changes from 2G or 3G to LTE, and use of self-organizing network SON technology to enable plug-and-play installation in ten minutes.

Huawei Video Resource Center. And that emphasis on coordination is also a way for Ericsson to distance itself from other small cell vendors — particularly, femtocell makers.

Ericsson aims to raise the picocell bar with RBS launch. You get less capacity system-wise,” said Ewerbring. For Ericsson, the key criterion for small cells is coordination with the macro network, because it believes that’s the best way to use operators’ limited spectrum.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Orange and MTN launch pan-African mobile money interoperability to scale up mobile financial services across Africa.

Fox tries hard to takeover Skynews. A bunch of telecoms predictions for https: But it doesn’t mean that Ericsson will become small cells’ biggest cheerleader. Customer Centricity in the Telecommunications Industry. As discussed in its June mobility reportEricsson sees picocells as an important HetNet component and with the catchily-named RBS seems to be positioned to compete hard for that business.


Ericsson bolsters HetNet portfolio with BelAir acquisition

ERIC plans to introduce new small cell products next year that will bolster its strategy and offerings for Heterogeneous Networks HetNets. Your email address will not be published. Vodafone Group demonstrated how mobile networks could support ericcsson EU Commissions vision of safe long distance drone flights. Ericsson on Tuesday acquired carrier-grade WiFi specialist BelAir Networks in a bid to strengthen its heterogeneous network ffering.

But he also said that eticsson monitoring and optimizing will also be important — and Ericsson’s acquisition last year of mobile OSS speciallist Optimi will come in handy there: To rate this item, click on a rating below.

Ericsson Preps New Small Cells Must admit I’m not exactly clear on what’s meant here by coordination with the macro network.

Ericsson HetNet

Ericsson Preps New Small Cells. The Road to Network Configuration Automation.

The Many Faces of Digital Transformation. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies, unless disabled from your browser. Ericsson clearly sees improving the hetneet to smaller businesses as an opportunity for its operator customers and is keen to differentiate its picocell offering from those of its competitors.

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