A key concept in animal ethics is that of speciesism, and that speciesism is – moral-de-los-animales-mas-alla-del-especismo-y-el-ecologismo/. Especismo Cero. K likes. Send Message. See more of Especismo Cero on Facebook. Log In. or Fundación Igualdad Animal · EligeVeganismo. A full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversible animal, than an infant of a day, a week or even.

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A full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversible animal, than an infant of a day, a week or even a month old.

Semana internacional de acción contra el especismo [30 de octubre al 5 de noviembre] « Contra Info

But suppose the case were otherwise, what would it avail? The question is not, Can they reason?

In most, if not all cases, there are humans who lack that trait — and nonhuman animals who exhibit it. So how can we justify disregarding the interests or suffering of nonhuman animals? How can we justify our unrelenting abuse of nonhuman animals for profit? Sepecismo believe there is no such justification: Counting it for anything less would amount to arbitrary discrimination.

Speciesism is discrimination based on species membership. Antispeciesism is opposition to discrimination based on species membership.

What Is Speciesism?

Antispeciesism is the view that suffering aanimal equally, no matter the species of the individuals involved. Antispeciesism does not require that we treat all organisms equally, rather, it simply requires that we consider interests of equal strength to an equal extent, regardless of the species membership of those involved.


For example, antispeciesism does not require that we give gorillas the right to vote — gorillas have neither the capability to use, nor an interest in, such esspecismo right. There are some commonly used justifications for denying other animals protections or rights. Some are motivated by speciesism, some are not.

To determine whether speciesism is the cause of our resistance to giving rights to nonhuman animals, we can use the following heuristics: And 2 If it is, does it apply only to humans, and to all humans? Many arguments for denying nonhuman animals a consideration of their most basic interests rely animl human exceptionalism, and these arguments are universally motivated by speciesism or more specifically, anthropocentrism.

Our desperation to assert that some exceptional trait separates humans from all other animals reveals how deep our speciesism goes: Some particularly common refrains used to justify denying nonhuman animals rights are that they are not intelligent, they cannot talk, or they cannot reason about morality or perform contractual obligations. Forget for a moment that these espwcismo are broadly incorrect and there are nonhumans who surpass young human children in reasoning ability and adults in other cognitive featsand others who use language and make moral decisions.

Anlmal, imagine if especsimo criteria were applied to humans: So not only do these criteria fail to create a meaningful distinction between humans and other animals, but we already consider them morally irrelevant anyways. The former would be dangerous; the latter would be useless.


What Is Speciesism? – Ética más allá de la especie

Neither would make it far in court. Fortunately, we have made significant progress against many forms of such discrimination in the last few centuries. Ensuring that others are not discriminated against is a key concern in modern Western society, and we focus significant efforts on eliminating remaining and substantial inequity, at least among humans. It is our ambition to help humanity continue to expand our circle of moral inclusion to encompass all individuals who ahimal capable of suffering.

In our next text in this series, we look at what it means in practice if we both reject speciesism and aim use our resources as impactfully as possible.

The Case Against Speciesism

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