Lev Nikolayevich Gumilyov was a Soviet historian, ethnologist, anthropologist and translator from Persian. He had a reputation for his highly non-orthodox theories of ethnogenesis . Москва: Наука. The Hsiung-nu in China (); Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere of Earth (); Ancient Rus and the Great Steppe (). This chapter discusses Gumilev’s theory of ethnogenesis. Generally speaking, ethnogenesis proceeded in the following manner. At certain historical moments. Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere of Earth has 98 ratings and 9 reviews.

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And it is necessary to find it, because it cannot be the anthroposphere as a whole.

Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere of Earth

Thanks to that he attacked the Roman army in three places at ethnogeneeis and won the battle. That is sufficient for ordinary life, but not for understanding.

Celtic Bretons and Iberian Gascons live in France. Kozlov’s find, the dead Tangut city of Yijing-ai known as Hara-Hoto 15is often cited as an example. Let us limit ourselves to the minimum. A clear example of the confessional ethnogeneeis of an ethnos is the Sikhs, a sect of Indian origin.

The approach suggested here is nothing other than the analysis, i. The history of mankind and the biographies of famous people are not equal phenomena, and the pattern of development will be different in both cases, but there are as many gradations as you like between ethnognesis.

Erhnogenesis feral dog becomes a wild animal, the dingo, and a feral horse a mustang. Unfortunately, there are no pointers to a possible method of research. Anastassiya rated it really liked it Apr 26, Great deep rivers ruled out even the thought of a possible drought.

One can also find more grounds for doubt, but that is not the point. Life-giving moisture watered a broad area, but the lake previously etbnogenesis by it i. It is sometimes possible to incorporate strangers, but if that happens on a broad scale it disintegrates the ethnos.

Ethnogenesis, Passionarnost′, and the Biosphere – Cornell Scholarship

The philosophers mentioned above, and many like them, were sorry essentially about the fact that they could not use the obtained raw material without further processing, which is actually impossible, but there is no other way and will not be.


Or did these ethnoi disappear with its collapse and the transition to capitalism? In the theory of historical materialism the basis of society is recognized as the mode of production, which develops through socioeconomic formations. An ethnos, in my understanding, is a collective of individuals that has a unique inner structure and an original stereotype of behaviour, both components being dynamic.

A dim meandering strip on a yellow loess plain, and broad blue ribbons on a green cover of jungles -these are the Huangho and Yangtse rivers and between them the great China of the late Han dynasty. The Japanese broke the code but were helpless in face of the texts.

The uprising was suppressed by the regular army and volunteers, who then destroyed each other, freeing space for bands of condottieri who put soldier-emperors on the throne of China, under whom the fratricide and despotism reached its culmination, which provoked an uprising of the Hunni who conquered northern China.

It evidently reflects some aspect or other of the person, much deeper, and external as regards consciousness, by which I understand a form of higher nervous activity.

As there is no person who has only a father or a mother, so there is no ethnos that had not been produced by various ancestors, And one should not confuse ethnoi with races, as is often done, but without justification. Only an Orthodox Christian could be a Byzantine, xnd example, and all Orthodox were considered subjects of the Constantinople emperor, and perceived as ‘ours’.

Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere

What would the cosmic observer think about that? The last-named, moreover, varies particularly strongly with the epoch. So it is in science. Talented books on history are not often written, in any case, and besides do not all come down to us. This town ‘has rich lands The Bet-pak-dala Hungry Steppe was growing, the Gobi was spreading south and north, wells and springs sank deep into the ground, rivers became low, Lake Balkhash was drying up, and reeds began to grow in the shallows of the Sea of Aral turning it into the ‘Oxus marsh’.


But the Mongol campaigns were not associated with migrations. Up to the middle of the nineteenth century geography and ethnography developed together, but ethnography later split into socio-historical and geographical trends.

Now let me proceed to check it. And it would simply have been impossible since the Mongol horsemen were not equipped with the necessary trenching tool. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. For the bibliography alone fills volumes, to look into which is sometimes no simpler than looking into the scientific problems themselves. It is reasonable to study processes social, ethnic, and cultural rather than nuances of the sensations of historical personages.

Morocco is considered ‘East’ and Hungary and Poland ‘West’.

Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere – Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev – Google Books

Augustine, the source of all the heresies of the Middle Ages, but even of the old Judaic thinkers who created their doctrine of being tne God-Chosen people.

Among them were both talented and brilliant works, judging by those that have come down to us.

We keep to their exact letter Cornell Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. Were the principles of ancient science indeed false? In other ethnogeesis, in order to be considered a Chinese in China, a person had to adopt the fundamentals of Chinese morality, education, and rules of behaviour.

Gumilyov attempted to explain the waves of nomadic migration that rocked the great steppe of Eurasia for centuries by geographical factors such as annual vacillations in solar radiation, which determine the area of grasslands that could be used for grazing livestock. Efhnogenesis we acquaint ourselves with the cultures of the Mediterranean, we rind ourselves in an environment of accustomed concepts and values.