Eusebius, Onomasticon. A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary. Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. Authors. Eusebius, Onomasticon A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary R. Steven Notley and Ze’ev Safrai ยท June One of the challenging tasks for. Eusebius, Onomasticon: The Place Names Of Divine Scripture (Jewish and Christian Perspectives) (English, Latin and Ancient Greek Edition) (Ancient Greek ).

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Each end note consists of the following elements: Online at the Internet Archive.

In the territory of Ausitide. Army Censors before publication. It is nine miles from Kaisareia.

Eusebius, Onomasticon – A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary

In his Onomasticon Eusebius cataloged most of the cities, sites and regions mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. From a dogmatic point of view, Eusebius stands entirely upon the shoulders of Origen.

This assumes Eusebius is the major redactor, but the variety of terms used may reflect different traditions and strata. Heathen shrines are reported in at least three places. A work on the martyrs of Palestine in the time of Diocletian was composed after ; numerous fragments are scattered in legendaries which have yet to be collected.


First I translated into the Greek language the names of the nations throughout eusebous world which have Hebrew names in the sacred Scriptures. Today a village in the Daroma, i.

Lecture Summaries: 17 March, 2004

Once this belonged to the Moabites but Sehon, king of the Amorrites, waged war against it and took it. Texte und Untersuchungen Belonging to border of Naphthali. The treatment of each place name almost seems whimsical, varying from one or two words to a whole page.

It is now pointed out between Madaba and Dibon. The description of locations are too often vague and even when compass directions are onomasficon they are limited to the four cardinal points and so are ambiguous, at least a quadrant being involved, and at times contradictory between Greek and Latin texts.


The theological views of Arius, that susebius the subordination of the Son to the Father, continued to be a problem. Caesarea under Roman rule.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Also included are the Arabic places and names that were italicized in the body, but I have decided for ease of sorting alphabetically eusebiius eliminate the italics throughout the index. In his conclusion, Melamed sees the Onomasticon as basically a Jewish work from several Jewish hands.

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Near Carmel at the sea. There is the same problem of authorship and sources.

About the Arian troubles began to come to a head. For the next twenty years, whenever he was in Toledo, he served as interim pastor of Washington Congregation of the United Church, a “Transdenominational” church. The glory of ancient Caesarea intrigued the colonists and since that time many archaeological efforts have been exerted toward the recovery of Herodian, Byzantine and Crusader remains.

Interpreted “delight” Translated pleasure or delight. His the monument of Josue son of Nun is now pointed out near the village of Thamna.

Eusebius of Caesarea, Onomasticon () Introduction. pp. i-xl.

Eusebiis life of Constantine was compiled after the death of the emperor and the election of his sons as Augusti Encyclopaedia BiblicaIcols. It is in the region borders of the Damascanes. Bishop of Caesarea c. This may sound simple enough to define, but the biblical texts may refer the same name to more than one location.