Preparation for the Gospel (Greek: Εὐαγγελικὴ προπαρασκευή), commonly known by its Latin title Praeparatio evangelica, was a work of Christian apologetics written by Eusebius in the. : Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (The Preparation of the Gospel) eBook: Eusebius of Caesarea: Kindle Store. Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica is a masterful work that defies easy categorization. Written between and , soon after Eusebius had become bishop of.

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This testimony indeed he himself bears to the Barbarians in many passages of his own discourses, and therein, I think, does well, and candidly confesses that the noblest doctrines are imported into philosophy from the Barbarians.

How many parts of mathematics are there? And the Phoenicians say that Astarte is Aphrodite.

Praeparatio evangelica

This, however, shall be proved on the proper occasion, when I shall show that Anaxagoras is the first of the Greeks mentioned as having set mind to preside over the cause of the All. Eusebius’ Legitimation of Christianity.

Books 5—9 have been transmitted as Books 1—4 of the Prophetic Eclogues a title which Eusebius himself gives these books[ 61 ] while the tenth book may have survived as the misnamed Commentary on Luke —though this is far from certain.

And these deities they suppose to regulate the whole world. And knowing henceforward who God is, and what is the doing of His will, I present myself to you in readiness for the examination of my doctrines, while my mode of life according to God’s will remains incapable of denial.

So says Socrates, according to the testimony of Xenophon. Or, as their appearance plainly shows, of mortals now lying among the dead? Such, then is in brief my statement.

Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica – Oxford Scholarship

But since the question before us was carefully studied before our Christian writers by the Hebrews themselves, it would be well to consider also what they have said: But the first ruler of the Argives is contemporary with the fifth king of Assyria after Semiramis, a hundred and fifty years after her and Moses, in which time nothing remarkable is recorded to have happened among the Greeks.

From him I will set forth first what he has clearly stated in the beginning of his work concerning the origin of the whole world, while recording the opinion of the ancients in the manner following. In addition to this, who can fail to be astonished at hearing the same prophets preach in clear and transparent language, that the advent of Christ and the falling away of the Jews would be followed by the call of the Gentiles?

But the Scythians used to bury them alive, and to slaughter over their funeral pyres those who were most dear to the deceased. He says too that the eternal generative force of heat and cold was separated at the generation of this world, and that from it a kind of sphere of flame grew round the atmosphere of the earth as bark round a tree; prafparatio that when this flame was rent asunder and shut off into certain orbits, the sun and moon and stars came into existence.

Also from the branch of learning studied by each the priests bring proofs of the fact that they had brought over from Egypt everything whereby they gained admiration among the Greeks.

Are they those of daemons? But many years afterwards from the race of llypsuranius were born Agreus and Halieus, the inventors of hunting and fishing, from whom were named huntsmen and fishermen: Before these, it is said, no one made any progress in the knowledge of the celestial phenomena, except the few men mentioned among the Hebrews, who with clearest mental eyes looked beyond all the visible world, and worshipped the Maker and Creator of the universe, marvelling much at the greatness of His wisdom and power, which they represented to themselves from His works; and praeparatjo persuaded that He alone was God, they naturally spake only of Him as God, son from father successively receiving and guarding this as the true, the first, and the only religion.


And praepartaio thou carefully provide what things they require, and for the rest, praepatatio they may be in good order, and may be restored to their own country, as evanelica as they cease to be wanted. Or rather is this not even worth asking? And he who said that the heaven and the things therein are evanhelica head of god, and the ether his mind, and the other parts of the world his limbs and body, is convicted of knowing neither creator nor god.

Empire to Praeparato Princeton: He had presented these accusations early on. For my part, indeed, I say that the man who asserts that the parts of the world are parts of God is guilty of the utmost impiety, and still more he who declared that God is the same as the world, and besides these the man who thinks that the creator of the universe is the mind of the world. Add to this that whole myriads in crowds together of men, women, and children, slaves and free, obscure and illustrious, Barbarians and Greeks alike, in rusebius place and city and district in all nations under the sun, flock to the teaching of such lessons as we have lately learned, and lend their ears to words which persuade them to control not only licentious actions, but also foul thoughts of gluttony and wantonness in the mind: But he became aware of their conspiracy, and besought the neighbouring Arabs to convey him across to Egypt: This statement is not ours, but the testimony comes from within, and from the Greeks themselves, and supplies its proof by the words which have been already quoted and by those which will hereafter be set forth in due order.

So you must admit that Greek philosophy was much later than Moses and the Prophets who came after him; and especially the philosophy of Plato, who having been at first a hearer of Socrates, afterwards associated with the Pythagoreans, and shot far beyond all his predecessors both in eloquence and wisdom and in his philosophical doctrines.

Marriage they disdain for themselves, but choose the sons of others while still easily moulded towards learning; and regarding them as their kindred, evagnelica them with their own moral dispositions: On these subjects also Eavngelica writes at large, and Diodorus concisely in his book evangeloca mentioned, giving the narrative just as follows word for word: For even concerning the nature of all things, or other such questions, praeparatjo did not discourse, as most did, speculating what is the nature of praeparstio cosmos, as the sophists call it, and by what necessary forces the heavenly bodies are each produced, but he even used to represent those who troubled their minds about such matters as talking folly.

He was the first designer of gnomons for distinguishing the susebius tropics, and times and seasons, and equinox. And I believe that this indication will assist me in the demonstration of the object which I have proposed; inasmuch as my proposal is to uphold the plea, that we have not unreasonably preferred the theology of the Hebrews, and that of the Barbarians, as they would call it, to the philosophy of the Greeks.


So now take and read the statements of Theophrastus contained in the writings of Porphyry On Abstinence from Animal Food, as follows:. These however were customs of a former age, and are now no longer practised in the same manner, the salutary law of the power of the Gospel having alone abolished the savage and inhuman pest of all these evils.

Further they say that the Tuscans invented the art of moulding clay: And there are two hemispheres, he says, moving in a circle round the earth, the one wholly of fire, the other of air evangeliva a little fire mixed, which he supposes to be night; and the beginning of their motion resulted from its having happened when the fire predominated in the combination.

But they knew no other gods than those of nature, sun, and moon, and the rest of the wandering stars, and the elements and things connected with them, so that praeparwtio of their gods evaangelica mortal and some immortal.

Praeparatio evangelica – Wikipedia

Price edsApologetics in the Roman Empire Oxford: But in the performance of his twelve labours Heracles is said to be the symbol of the distribution in the heaven of the zodiacal circle in which they say the sun revolves.

What if Praepsratio were to count up to you Heracleitus and all the other Greeks, by whom civil life among the Greeks is proved to have been left for long ages very poor, and devoid of all learning.

In his time God was angry with us, Prarparatio know not why, and men from the Eastern parts, of obscure origin, were strangely emboldened to invade the country, and easily took possession of it by force without a battle. And who could patiently bear to hear Satyrs and Bacchantes spoken of with reverence, which are the foul and licentious passions of mankind, inasmuch as the former, the Satyrs, represented the impulses which excite to carnal pleasure, and the Bacchantes the inducements which concur to frenzy in those who take part herein?

And they crowned him evangeica laurel, partly because the plant is full of fire, and therefore hated by daemons; and partly because it crackles in evabgelica, to represent the god’s prophetic art. Then as to wanderings, and drunken fits, and amours, and seduction of women, and plots against men, and countless evngelica, which are in truth shameful and unseemly practices of mortal men, how could any one refer these to the universal elements, acts which bear upon their very face mortality and human passion?

Moreover, one of our own time, that very man who gains celebrity by his abuse of us, in the treatise which he entitled Of Abstinence from Animal Foodmakes mention of the old customs of the ancients as follows in his own words, on the testimony of Theophrastus: His palace too he adorned with trees, and gave it the name of evngelica Hanging Gardens.