An article on evaluation of dosage forms. Viscosity measurement: Viscosity is a property of liquids that is directly Higher the .. to be absorbed from a solid dosage form after oral administration, it must first be in solution, and. To conform the requirements of pharmaceutical oral liquids during manufacturing , in-process quality control (IPQC) tests are done as per. at developing oral administrable soft gels (liquid fill). pharmaceutical .. Table No Evaluation parameters of EVG liquid fill formulations.

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Flavoring elixirs used as flavours and vehicles [ 36 – 38 ]. Normally two immiscible liquids cannot be dispersed for a long period. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the roals work is properly cited.

Nasal drops; solutions of drugs that are instilled in to the nose with a dropper. All the chemicals and reagents used in the study were of analytical grade. When a drug is emulsified its rate of penetration through the evaluaion may get reduced. Lotions may be used for local action as cooling, soothing or protective purpose.

They are also used for external application [ 81 – 85 ]. Liquid and semi liquid preparations meant for application to the skin. The eye lotions are supplied in concentrated form and are required to be diluted with warm water immediately before use.

From Table 2VAL content was found to be Generally they contain antibacterial agents, alcohol, glycerin, sweetening agents, flavouring agents and coloring agents [ 54 – 55 ]. They are generally prescribed for antiseptic action ex: Glycerin is commonly used as a base it adheres to mucous membrane for a long period and it possesses a sweet taste [ 56 ].

The drug contents were in lrals range of Calamine lotion [ 49 – 50 ]. The liquid which consists of two phases are known as biphasic liquids. August 24, Citation: The liquid which is converted in to minute globules is called the disperse phase and the liquid in which the globules are dispersed is called the continuous phase. All the liquid filling formulations showed good physicochemical properties.


Hence, the present investigation was aimed at developing oral administrable soft gel liquid filling pharmaceutical formulations of VAL with improved dissolution properties. Abstract The present investigation includes the preparation of liquid filling formulations for rvaluation gels using an antihypertensive drug, valsartan VALin order to improve its dissolution properties and thereby its bioavailability.

Liquid Dosage Forms

Liniments contain medicaments possessing analgesic, rubefacient, soothing, counter irritant or stimulating properties. Emulsion in which water is in the dispersed phase whereas oil is in continuous phase.

The solution was mixed until it becomes clear and finally orale volume was adjusted with PEG Liniments are usually applied to the skin with friction and rubbing of the skin. They are brought in to contact with mucous membrane of the throat and are allowed to remain in contact with it for a few seconds [ 51 – 53 ].

It contains two phases [ 73 evaluatoin 80 ]. In these emulsions gum acacia, tragacanth, methyl cellulose, saponins synthetic substances and soaps liquiid from monovalent bases like sodium, potassium are used as an emulsifying agent.

Clarity and color change are the most important characteristic features of liquid filling formulations. Liniment should not be applied to broken skin it may cause excess irritation [ 46 – 48 ].

They are usually aqueous and not oily drops. It should be sterile isotonic with lacrymal secretions, buffered and free from evaouation particles to avoid irritation to the eye [ 61 – 64 ]. To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Pharmaceutics, enter your email address in the box below.

The authors are thankful to Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Preparation and Evaluation of Valsartan Liquid Filling Formulations for Soft Gels

From the literature review, it is clearly evident that most of the works were published with cyclodextrin inclusion complexation [ 7 ], solid dispersions [ 89 ], self-microemulsifying drug delivery system [ 10 ], and other solubilization technologies for improving the solubility, dissolution, bioavailability, and pharmacokinetic properties of VAL.

Tolu syrup is preferred in certain cases because of its aromatic odour and flavor [ 39 – 41 ]. The soft gel dosage form offers liqujd advantages over other oral solid dosage forms, such as delivering a liquid matrix designed to solubilize and improve liqud oral bioavailability of a poorly soluble compound as a unit dose solid dosage form, delivering low and ultralow doses of a compound [ loquid ].


The pH of the formulations was about 6.

Indexed in Web of Science. Soft gel formulation should have a pH range between 2. Water is mainly used as a solvent for majority of evaluatino liquid dosage forms. Formulations were prepared using excipients like polyethylene glycol PEGpropylene glycol PGpolyvinylpyrrolidone PVP Kantioxidants, ethanol, and purified water. The drug content was within the acceptable range for all formulations indicating uniform distribution of drug, that is, solubilization of VAL in all the formulations.

It should be isotonic and free from foreign particles to avoid irritation to the eye [ 65 – 70 ]. Biphasic liquir dosage forms: From Table 2all the formulations were transparent in appearance.

Journal of Pharmaceutics

Liquids meant for body cavity: Simple syrup is used a vehicle for most of the linctuses. This showed that PG in a lower concentration was suitable for dissolution.

As the capsule tends to float in the dissolution medium, sinkers were used. The percent VAL contents were also within the limits and the stability data was given in Table 3 and shown in Figures 7 and 8. From the overlaid FT-IR spectra as shown in Figure 1it was confirmed that VAL in liquid state was compatible with different excipients used in the formulation.

The drug is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and median values of 2.


Gargles, throat paints, mouth washes, throat paints, mouth washes, eye drops, eye lotions, ear drops, nasal drops, sprays and inhalations. The emulsified oils are also injected as diagnostic aids. Evalhation used in formulation of antibiotics, saline drugs, vitamins, antitussives, sedatives [ 31 – 35 ].