First download Firefox.. duh right:) Then open your ThinApp setup capture application, it will illustrate the steps required to ThinApp your application. This tutorial will guide you through how to install Vmware Thinapp Packager, in which after we will package Firefox 4 into a Thinapp Package. This tutorial is. I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since (release date: december 16th, a full three months before the article was.

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We tried with thinapp 5. As everything is done to provide the most accurate steps to date, we take no responsibility if you implement any of these steps in a production environment. Thinapp has detected that we are packaging a browser application and you have the option to redirect user specified web sites from internet explorer to firefox.

And then it basically works. Generally the generated thinapp works then already, but I’m an old school packager so I clean things up to make it neat and add some company specific stuff to make the PoS somewhat manageable.

How to ThinApp FireFox using VMware ThinApp – video dailymotion

So you made something different. I redirect the mozilla profile to the user home directory instead of leaving it take up space in the roaming profile. So this isn’t fixed in the latest version? I have create file associations for few thinapped applications Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word. When we click on Prescan, the application will scan the Operating System and create a baseline so that it can see what changes are made once an application is installed.


Packaging guide for VMware ThinApp 5. This is the folder that is created in C: I also had opened a support case and the support team was not able to thinapp a newer version successfully.

Trying to load URLs doesn’t work either. Click on ThinApp Setup Capture to start the application.

How to ThinApp FireFox using VMware ThinApp

I currently have Firefox v49 ThinApp’d and it fhinapp fine, but the newer versions have this issue. Copy this folder to a network share somewhere and revert the Operating System snapshot back to the baseline. For more information check the Firecox Admin guide in the Resources section. They’re not needed to get the base package to work: I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since The latest version of Firefox supported by ThinApp is This is on a Windows 7 VM.

I include a set of mandatory settings, I add a VBS script to copy a default profile, install and if required, remove some standard extensions into that profile, and install a couple of certificates into the mozilla certificate store which is also in that profile. Thanks Everyone for the information!!


The packaging steps are here: You will be asked if the application is completely installed. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Most recent forum messages. I’ll go try a beta Is this a known issue with the creator update? Embed this content in your HTML.

ThinApping Firefox version 52 Using ThinApp |VMware Communities

It turns out the Thinapp of Firefox doesn’t pick up the system proxy settings. White screen in thinapp of Firefox, thinapp not working – Firefox version 50 and higher.

The description in the following image gives a good explanation as to what each setting does. I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since Oddly enough the thinapp only works on virtual desktops, not on physical machines.

Vmware Thinapp Creating a Thinapp

But next time I click on file it start new process of thinapped application, after few seconds it closes and file opens in existing windows. Does anyone know how to correct this? Sure I have some weird stuff and I did have to do some workarounds https: