12 Results Visit ‘s Flavius Vegetius Renatus Page and shop for all Flavius Vegetius Renatus books. Books by Flavius Vegetius Renatus. Showing. Vegetius. The most influential treatise on military strategy between the age of the era was written by the Roman citizen Flavius Vegetius Renatus in (approx.). Flavius Vegetius Renatus. A number of maxims have their origin in Vegetius, the most familiar of which is “He who desires peace, should prepare for war” (III.

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Fidelity is seldom found in troops disheartened by misfortunes.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus – Wikipedia

And this connection establishes a reciprocal attachment and union between all the cohorts and the cavalry and infantry of the legion. If their order is too open and loose, they give the enemy an opportunity of penetrating.

But it renxtus an invariable rule in their armies that the number of allies or auxiliaries should never exceed that of the Roman citizens.

Without these, what chance would the inconsiderable numbers of the Roman armies have had against the multitudes of the Gauls? The cornets are used only to regulate the motions of the colors; the trumpets serve when the soldiers are ordered out to any work without the colors; but in time of action, the trumpets and cornets sound renahus. It consists of eleven hundred and five foot and one hundred and thirty-two horse cuirassiers, and is distinguished by the name of the Millarian Cohort.

But in a woody, mountainous or marshy situation, the danger to be apprehended is from foot. But disobedience to the will of so great a Prince would be both highly criminal and dangerous. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.


For little can be expected from men who have both the enemy and diseases to struggle with. The Romans have their legions usually six thousand strong, sometImes more.

In the centuries to come, though, his work became a staple for strategists and leaders throughout Europe.

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The courage of a soldier is heightened by his knowledge of his profession, and he only wants an opportunity to execute what he is convinced he has been perfectly taught. It must be observed that when the soldiers engage with the javelin, the left foot should be advanced, for, by this attitude the force required to throw it is considerably increased.

For it is not profusion of riches or excess of luxury that can influence our enemies to court or respect us. The eighth is composed of five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse, all selected troops, as it occupies the center of the second line.

For sometimes the common sort of people imagine they know what they really do not, and through ignorance promise more than they can perform. The first printed edition was made in Utrecht in But his plea for courage and discipline and the revitalization of the legion could not save Rome, which would be renatuz by Alaric and the Goths within the next two decades.

The fourth consists of the same number of five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. The figure of the Minotaur was anciently among the legionary ensigns, signifying that this monster, according to the fable, was concealed in the most secret recesses and windings of the labyrinth, just as the designs of a general should always be impenetrable.

Vegetius on Strategy — Strategic Thinking

The work of Sun Tzu was unknown to western civilization for many centuries. The Military Institutions of the Romans. The slingers should be taught to whirl the sling but once about the head before they cast the stone. If strongest in cavalry, we should prefer plains and open ground; if superior in infantry, we should choose a situation full of enclosures, ditches, morasses and woods, and sometimes mountainous. There are several remedies for this evil.


Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. It seems to resemble a fortified city which they can build for their safety wherever they please. A third or fourth of the youngest and fittest soldiers should also be exercised at the post with bows and arrows made for that purpose only.

On the top of the whole are planted strong palisades which the soldiers carry constantly with them for this purpose. Against this, as against a real enemy, the recruit was exercised with the above mentioned arms, as it were with the common shield and sword, sometimes aiming At the head or face, sometimes at the sides, at others endeavoring to strike at the thighs or legs.

In wars of lesser importance they thought one legion with auxiliaries, that is, ten thousand foot and two thousand horse, sufficient. Leaping is another very necessary exercise, to enable them to pass ditches or embarrassing eminences of any kind without trouble or difficulty.

See my section on Metaphors and Frames of Mind for more on this. In particular, he stresses the high standard of the legionaries and the excellence of the training and the officer corps.