*Due back in stock July Email us ([email protected]) if you would like to be informed when they arrive.* Fostex TA Top Mount Horn Super Tweeter. Fostex was founded by Foster Electric who have been developing high quality speaker components since Fostex continue to develop quality products for . FOSTEX specializes in the manufacture of a wth P Mounting flange for T . FOSTEX Laboratory series loudspeakers are specially designed for use in.

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Images : Fostex T945

Mystery Large Format Monitors. Josh, You might want to use a different amp for your measurements. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a system capable of horn loading the low mid frequencies that low! Michael Gillespi can provide technical documents because in epoch, Japanese fosfex rather miserly in information. I just grabbed a pair off of Jeffrey who had extras. I would imagine that it would take a larger driver to take advantage of the low end capability of the horn.

Extra Tabs by fostes Hispano. Maybe ” RCA Fan” will weigh in about this product. I think I have some other drivers that aren’t as relevant. Hello, I would have a question for Mr Gilespi, if it returns on this post, it has the diagrams of the filter of series LS?.

The DTA is a nice amp, but one problem with T-Amps is that their response at high frequencies changes a fair bit with the speaker impedance.

FR tops out at 18 Khz. No additional import charges on delivery. He’s a little out there. It t954 front ARB air lockers and rear detroit lockers on Dana 44s fkstex 4.

The problem occurred when all the horns acclimated to the much drier climate in the states versus the Philippine, the lamination of the various pieces started to separate or split, customers were upset but Victor went silent and didn’t take any responsibility. I run the horns off of tube amps and have a relatively decent turntable and lot of vinyl. Community MA this is what Avantgarde used, at least originally.


Tweeter : Horn Tweeters | Speaker Components| Fostex

The Focusrite has those annoying pro-audio only connectors whereas my amp has RCAs. The problem with this material, i’ts impossible to find spare tostex, because Fostex uses particular diameter voice coil,25mm. The T voice-coil is 40 mm vs the 20 mm of the T BTW, I plan to start on the measurements tomorrow. I was thinking that. It looks like something by PlaySkool inpired by something from the Terminator.

The time now is So here goes a grand maiden voyage on a not-so-simple design.

Speaker Components

Pics from the auction: Skip to main content. For the record, this will likely be at least three systems and I don’t fosetx to keep them all, but the experience of building and comparing the various trade offs I find intellectually stimulating.

Results 61 to 75 of Originally Posted by Locanti. Jeffrey was stuck, so Elevenhorns hadn’t made any horns since. I had one once, then it turned into a money stealing monster that makes audio look cheap. Obtaining diaphragms is anyones guess – I really think, NLA.

Right now the hold up is the cables. Mounting it up so I can measure it itself is a bit of a challenge as it has a very awkward weight distribution.

So all in all very different goals than most speakers on this forum, but I still see some overlaps, hence I posted here as well. costex

It’s more addictive than this hobby. This big horn system is a dedicated two channel audio system. The Fosstex doesn’t look that hard to mount.


Hanging from the ceiling?? I am no expert in woodworking, but I think the problem really boiled down to a combination of a cheap glue relative to the mass of the wood being joined and insufficient drying of the woof beforehand.

Which is ok if you’re designing a speaker to use with that amp it gets compensated from measurements using itbut if you design with a T-Amp and fosfex to something with more HF damping factor you might find your highs varying.

I was part of the first wave of orders I think there was only one and all the horns shipped by boat to the states.

Mystery Large Format Monitors – Page 5

I just need to figure out the best way to get the most accurate measurements then I’ll start on a tear. This is really nuts. Oh and nice to see another Jeep junky here as well!

Page 1 of 2. We’ll the big hz horn I intend to put on the floor, bass bins to the sides, so the other horns will be above which makes them about right for ear level give or take a bit. I go by JoshK on most other audio sites, but it was taken here I have built tube amps, preamps, cables and a few speakers that I didn’t design.

Don’t need much “big sound” but t9445 for a clean -smooth sound for my daughter flat. Bidding has ended on this item. All the material is in outstanding condition.