Hello Really simple question; when you create a pdf from FM, can you convert the cross-ref’s to hyperlinks in the pdf? Thanks. Following are steps for creating these hyperlinks in Adobe FrameMaker. For more information, please refer to the documentation provided with Adobe. Cross-references is an effective navigational tool that guides a user to a related information in a document that might add to their understanding.

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I haven’t generated a flat hyperless PDF in a long time, so haven’t lately experimented with what you need to turn off for that to happen. This option may significantly increase the size of the PDF file. This is the recommended setting.

How to insert Hyperlink and Cross-reference in Adobe FrameMaker | The answers to ‘HOW’

Save the Adobe FrameMaker document. See All Related Store Items.

If I carry on, the pdf does not generate a hyperlinks. From the Command field, select Specify Named Destination. In online documents, you can refer readers to framemaket location in the same document, another document, or a Web page URL.

One of the fastest and easiest methods to create hypertext links in FrameMaker that works in PDF is to use cross-references. The name of the resulting file should be filename.


The text “newlink” is added to the area below. After the files are converted to PDF, the cross-reference automatically looks for filename. Be consistent with colors and styles.

Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people. Try to stick with one color and style, such as blue and underline. It is saying that the select job option hyperlini not on the computer.

Open the Adobe FrameMaker document. Really simple question; when you create a pdf from FM, can you convert the cross-ref’s to hyperlinks in the pdf? Flare supports FrameMaker 7. When a user clicks on the hyperlink created belowthis is the content that will be displayed to end users.

Create FrameMaker Clickable Hyperlinks that Work in Acrobat

For instance, although hypertext links in 12 hyyperlink colors may make for a colorful online presentation, this method may be confusing for a user. Maybe its necessity has been removed with FrameMaker For example, if a cross-reference links to external source document filename.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A clickable text area can be a word or framejaker series of words.

In Adobe FrameMakerplace your cursor at the spot to be used as the destination for a link. When creating online documents, keep filenames and paths the same. By continuing to use this website, you hyperlijk to their use. This also tells FrameMaker and Acrobat what area to highlight after the link is activated.


Prepare the area to become a hyperlink, according to the documentation provided with Adobe FrameMaker.

Creating Hyperlinks in FrameMaker Source Documents

Apologies, if someone find it irritating. From the author of.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. This hyperlihk be a heading that will become a new topic when you import the document. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He has shown in a number of samples with a couple of throusand links, frmaemaker some are broken by FM when this setting is turned off.

NOTE If you forget to apply a Character Format before you insert the hypertext link, you can always apply the Character format to text afterward.