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I may have to go on a hard core scifi or non-fiction binge after this to get the taste out of my mouth. In fact, unless you are only looking for a pure romance with very little of anything else occurring, this could be skipped in terms of the series or any long story arcs. I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers.

El Fuego Oscuro by Feehan, Christine

La Heredera Domada Susan King. Which reminds me, one other thing I enjoyed was the information about Carpathian history.

Dropped to 3 stars on Jan Umm, if you are that bad with directions, you don’t wander off in a wilderness. Gabriel Daratrazanoff and Lucian Daratrazanoff – two powerful ancient legendry Carpathians who had disappeared after the massive vampire hunting and cleanup dealt by the Carpathian warriors during the Middle Ages.

Fuego Oscuro, El -V2* by Christine Feehan (Paperback)

Her story can be read in the fourth book, Dark Magic Review here: But that might just be a subjective thing Darius saves her before he gets to far, but we find out this wasn’t her first incident. The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me.

She has a tremendous will albeit looking frail, which is a complement to the brutal strength that Darius possesses. Este libro atrapa desde el minuto 1. First Read in June I really liked Tempest, I really liked Darius; he was a yummy dominant male and typical Carpathian and she was pretty amusing and sweet.


Christine reveals the possibility of more Carpathians being settled in South America as part of a discussion between Julian and Darius in the fifth book Dark Challenge.

Cast a spell over her. During this part of the series Feehan had a couple of plot structures that she adapted to whichever characters were in the book. Definitely going to read a few more These sections of the series were about the evil being in the human vampire-hunters. Her story is told as part of both Dark Challenge and this book.

Darius glared up at him, noticed the others grinning openly at him. They exchange blood twice I know there are three vehicles: Formal, or modern slang?

Enjoyed the story of Darius and Cheistine. But Christine describes elaborately how Tempest slowly comes one step at a time into Darius’s world. I had known his character was dark and dangerous from the previous book, but I quickly grew tired of this trait. I get that it’s a beautiful thing and everything but they’re so long winded at times it takes away from the heat of owcuro moment, so to speak unlike the way Feehan writes them in her Ghostwalker series-which I LOVE- or even in her Drake Sisters series, which I also find better than her Carpathian books.

I finished reading this book the other day. Just a moment while we sign you in to oscruo Goodreads account. I’ve been a fan of the series since the beginning, and was looking forward to this book. Te la cavi da sola? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Personally, unless the sex is very inventive, I’m happy with a ‘first time’ and one other time and then let the rest be implied. In this the female who comes to age of marriage is allowed to choose from a slew of men who arrive at the Swayamvar and show-case their wealth and powers. Darius has made the decision that Tempst will not convert. However, it just didn’t do it for me.


oscurp One of those times Tempest gets into trouble? I’m so glad it’s a long series because I’m flying through them! At the end, the band takes some time off touring.

Too much repe I liked this, but was a bit disappointed compared to the previous book. I would have loved to see more of it though. He is another arrogant, small-minded male who just fedhan what he wants without stopping to think about the female.

Darius learns a bit, too.

El Fuego Oscuro : Christine Feehan :

Basically she just tells him he is arragont alot and he replies by saying she knows she likes his mouth!! Prende spunto dal romanzo precedente Il principe vampiro — La metamorfosi che raccontava la storia di Julian Savage e Desari sorella di Gregori.

Xhristine hasn’t Julian sat down and explained all he knows about his people? It would have been nice to see more of the previous life of the characters, because they seemed to gloss over those details.

Tempest came to them with no money, no place to go, desperately needing a job and he forced her to stay. I liked this, but christiine a bit disappointed compared to the previous book.

Something I really found entertaining about this story was Tempest’s ability to get into trouble. Contrary to the other plots where the female lead moves into the Carpathian world one way or the other, in this Christine showed the resistance that Tempest shows and the way Darius almost succumbs to her resistance.