THE FUTURE OF MONEY Bernard A. Lietaer About the Author Bernard Lietaer had thirty years of professional experiences, which tend to mutually exclude each . The Future of Money has ratings and 14 reviews. Joshua said: Fascinating! It is especially prescient given that it was published in (!) yet seem. Bernard Lietaer March 1. The Future of Money: How New Currencies Create Wealth, Work and a Wiser World. (Book #2 – US Version). June

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This means that the key to Sustainable Abundance lies within the money system guture, the very system about which, ironically, we have remained largely unaware until now.

Such are the money innovations that were the basis for the Four Seasons vignettes of Most of lieater examples are of course dated and could be updated but the core discourse remains relevant today: Perhaps the most salient outcome of my experiences with money has been a broader, more grounded view of its worth to us as human beings and its potential pitfalls. In areas with high unemployment, people have already demonstrated that living conditions can be significantly improved by creating their own complementary currencies instead of just relying on welfare.

Monetary Instability Michel Camdessus, the first to be elected three times o managing director of the International Monetary Fund IMFwent on record as describing the Mexican crisis of December as ‘the first financial crisis of the 21st century’.

We are living through an interval, a supremely uncomfortable time, when we are realizing, along with philosopher Mkney Berry, that ‘we are in between stories.


The Future of Money

It started as a home repair service that fixed potential problems before they caused accidents. Published first published Dimitris Vorisis rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Mutations in a nervous system are relatively rare but rather important events in the biological evolution of a species.

A digital version of this book is available for download at the bottom of this page. Feb 17, Steven rated it it was amazing. While I have learned to deal with money from a professional, hyper-rational distance, I have also personally moneg extraordinary highs along with moments of bitter humiliation and bewilderment.

After all, it is only in Western culture oof total priority has been given to commercial exchanges, neglecting the other purposes for payments. And even these account the future growth in the Staggering numbers do not take into account number of the elderly reflected in Figure 1. That seal has been described by Joseph Campbell as extraordinarily laden with esoteric symbols see sidebar.

The Future of Money | Currency Solutions for a Wiser World

Only when we have resolved the next ‘money question’ lietaet there be any real chance to address the climate change and the biodiversity extinction problems in a timely and systematic way. The chairman added that the contribution of this project to overall global climate stability has been an additional incentive for his own vote for this project. I’ll explain the better way.

Instead, me new money game was generating a systemic undertow of competition among all the participants. Grass-roots currencies are explored in Chapters 5 to 7. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is especially prescient given that it was published in !


The ubiquity of national currencies should not make us forget that during the few recent centuries when national currencies were issued, there was always another transnational currency available for global trade, namely gold.

When the bank creates money by providing you with your Poundmortgage loan, it creates only the principal when it credits your account.

Similarly cuture central bank will deliver to lketaer bank as many notes as it wants, but it will debit the bank’s account for the corresponding amount.

Victor Vorski rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Both authors identify the interest charged on the bank futute which are the basis of virtually all modern money as a cause of the serious problems they expound. So when priests or priestesses were in power, temples issued money. Lastly, emerging global non-geographic liettaer, such as the Internet, foretell significant changes in the transnational currency realm, which will be addressed later Chapters 3 and 7.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. It is about the concept of money, and how different money systems shape different societies. The Swiss WIR is the only long-lived example he quotes.

Part Two widens the view to encompass and feature newly emerging money systems. The medium is the message. Now that power is starting to shift away from the nation-states, it should not come as a surprise that new non-national currencies are emerging.