The Gartley pattern, one of the most traded harmonic patterns, is a retracement and continuation pattern that occurs when a trend temporarily reverses direct. There are various patterns which fall into the “harmonic” group, but today we will highlight one of the oldest recognized harmonic patterns – the Gartley pattern. “The Gartley is a very powerful, multi-dimensional pattern. It is called a Gartley because it is found in H.M. Gartley’s book, Profits in the Stock Market, .

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Or gwrtley I reading the price action incorrectly? So, if the XA move is bullish, then the AB move should reverse the price action and should tartley the When you open your Gartley trade and you place your stop loss order, you expect the price to move in your favor, right?

Now there is one more target left, which is located at the A valid Gartley on the chart will show an AD move, which takes a The first target at point B gets completed at the moment of the bearish bounce after the CD move.

The CD leg is, therefore, longer than the AB leg. Regardless of your gart,ey entry signal, it is always recommended that you use a stop loss order. Depending on the type of Fibonacci level the pattern is commonly named differently.


Gartley Pattern and Trading the Patterns | Trading Strategy Guides

We will place a stop loss order beyond point D on the final Gartley swing. Again, when the target at point E is completed, it is not necessary to close your short trade out entirely. A confirmation would be to wait for a candlestick reversal pattern at gattley Fib.

Refer to the illustration below which will help you visualize these rules for the Gartley pattern: Rohan De Villiers on October 12, at 4: However, we are not done yet.

This service was one of the first to apply scientific and statistical methods to analyze the stock market behavior. You can always stay in for a further price decrease by using price action rules or a trailing stop. Hi Adam, that is gagtley Without further ado, here comes the animal pack….

Gartley Pattern and Trading the Patterns

The CD leg is therefore often equal to the AB leg. There are no specific requirements in relation to the 2222 price move of the Gartley chart formation. Has this helped your trade management?

AB is then bearish. Twenty-seven periods after the previous target is achieved, the price action manages to reach the Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will gartlsy be published.


Here is part 1 and 2 part 2 has the pattern. Do you already use Fibs? But usually speaking, if you do any trading at all at the end of the trading week, when you would want to keep the trading light… especially if you are up in profit. It is located at the This means that the potential of the bearish Gartley is a price decline from Point D.

Trading The Gartley Pattern –

This way you will protect yourself from any rapid or unexpected price moves. In this case, we would have been better off had we exited the trade altogether at the last fixed target.

You control your life by controlling your time. Your email address will not be published. In general, it boils down to either entering upon a direct level, a confirmation or a momentum break. We will attempt to stay in our trades until price reaches the four targets we discussed.