to inhibitorio de ABA también es contrarrestado por giberelinas. Latencia de .. Se han descrito varias funciones biológicas de las poliaminas, entre ellas. parte giberelinas (gas). parte descubrimiento de las giberelinas. el También puede variar la citada estructura en función de la posición del grupo hidroxilo. GIBERELINAS Y CITOQUININAS. LUGAR DE BIOSÍNTESIS DE LA CITOQUININA. FUNCIONES.

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Plant Cell 2, These authors suggested that the induction of antioxidant enzymes might reduce plant cell necrosis after infection Kiraly et al.

Singlet oxygen 1O2 is formed by transferring energy from excited chlorophyll to oxygen in chloroplasts. The role of mitochondrion in plant response to biotic stress. Cytokinin stimulates and abscisic acid inhibits greening of etiolated Lupinus luteus cotyledons by effecting the expression of the light-sensitive protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase.

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Among the GA 3 applications, the 10 mg L -1 one showed the best results in both clones. Por lo anterior, las auxinas en el tallo pueden influir en el crecimiento de las yemas, a una determinada distancia Bennett et al. OH could be formed by the reaction of O2. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. The role of hormones in apical dominance. Regarding scion number of leaves, foliar area and fresh and dry mass, the highest counts were reached due to the GA 3 treatments.


The observed resistance of transgenic lines to bacterial wild fire seemed to be independent of tissue necrosis, as observed in other plant-pathogens interactions Kiraly et al.

Salinity is one of the most important stress factors which limits the growth and development of plants by altering their morphological, physiological and biochemical attributes. Plants have an enormous variety of defense mechanisms, including enzymatic and non-enzymatic defense mechanisms, in order to cope with the over-production of ROS.

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The primary components of this system include carotenoids, ascorbate, gibere,inas, tocopherols and enzymes such as superoxide dismutase SOD, EC 1. Amino Acids ; Foods rich in glutathione GSH are asparagus, spinaches, broccoli, garlic, cabbage, onions, watercress and Brussels sprouts.

Mechanism of the reduction of oxygen and other Hill reagents. Sin embargo, los mismos resultados no fueron obtenidos en plantas de G.

Effect of soaking seeds in some growth regulators and micronutrients on growth, some chemical constituents and giverelinas of faba bean and cotton plants. OH inhiben las enzimas glutamato sintasa y Rubisco. Scion height, length, diameter, number of leaves and foliar area were measured every three days. En Phaseolus vulgaris Castro et al. For example, in plants, ROS act as second messengers in vital processes as vegetative development and defence mechanisms.

In plants, ROS production is kept under tight control by an efficient antioxidative system, which includes both enzymatic and non-enzymatic compounds, that modulates intracellular ROS concentration setting the cellular redox homeostasis. Chemical regulation of growth and organ formation in plant tissues cultured in vitro.


In contrast, in the transgenic lines harboring both cyt sod and cyt apx genes lines 35 and 39infected leaf tissue presented only a chlorotic area and localized necrosis occurred only occasionally Fig. Putrescine Putspermidine Spdand spermine Spm are the major PA pools commonly present in higher plants and known as active oxygen scavenging compounds being considered as mediators in protective reactions against different stresses Kovacs et al.

In the non-transformed controls, the inoculated areas with P. In these compartments the O2.

Ciencia UANL 4, This group of metalloenzymes catalyzes the dismutation of superoxide radicals to H2O2 and O2: Cytokinin effects on tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and photosynthetic activity in barley seedlings. Ciclo de las Xantofilas.

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For this reason, the present work takes on the massive production of high funcuones scions, which, notwithstanding, have shown grafting problems, specifically regarding bud initiation and further growth.

But as we have already mentioned, https: Diaz-Vivancos P et al. Journal of Experimental Botany 59, However, after receiving the hormone treatments, both clones showed similar data. Therefore, the gibereinas stress should not necessarily be viewed as a harmful event needed to be avoided or alleviated, but could also be viewed as a perquisite for the plant to adequately respond and induce proper acclimation mechanisms.