unix% gprof program-name [ data-file ] [ > output-file ] Following the gprof command with “> output-file” causes the output of gprof to be saved to output-file so. Gprof is a profiling program which collects and arranges statistics on your lly, it looks into each of your functions and inserts code at the head. Gprof is a performance analysis tool used to profile applications to determine where time is spent . Searching the Web will turn up Gprof tutorials and more.

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I have been using gprof to isolate a performance issue in a large scale business application, but recent attempts to do this have stalled.

Note that ideally I tprof have compiled the above code using the following command:. This is useful in conjunction with the -c option for discovering which routines were never called.

GPROF Tutorial – How to use Linux GNU GCC Profiling Tool

The -L option causes gprof to print the full pathname of source filenames, which is determined from symbolic debugging information in the image file and is relative to the directory in which the compiler was invoked.

What Gprof basically does is, it calculates the amount of time spent in each routine or function. If symspec is specified, print tally, but exclude matching symbols.

Hi Mike, Well your points are also valid. The GNU gprof profiler, gprofallows you to profile your code. This option affects both the flat profile and the call graph. The reason ctrl-c prevents it from producing a gmon. There’s no doubt that testing is an integral and one of the most important aspects of the software development process.


Bugs listed are irrelevant as again, just because something has a problem does not mean it is useless or never useful in any way shape or form. On a related note, you should also understand how to debug your C program using gdb. The result of the last command should be a table, whose rows are the functions, and whose columns indicate the number of calls, total time spent, self time spent that is, time spent in the function excluding calls to children.

From the man page of gcc: It is this file which contains all the information that the Gprof tool requires to produce a human-readable profiling data. But because difference tuutorial loops is small, every time program executes we can get different sort results in flat profile. Symbols that are executed less than num times are suppressed.

If symspec is specified, gprof prints tutoria call graph, but excludes matching symbols. If the underlying file system would truncate filename -ann so that it overwrites the original filenamegprof generates annotated source in the file filename.

Well, I ran the proram again, and this time it produced the gmon. That samples have to be taken tutoral high frequency they do not. That invocation counting is useful as opposed to getting inclusive time percent.

GPROF Tutorial – How to use Linux GNU GCC Profiling Tool

The -F function option works like the -f option, but only time spent in the function and its children and their children Sets width of output lines to width. Ehsan March 16,7: As a quick addendum: Tutorisl final note is that it is almost always not a system library bug when you see something hanging or crashing in a system library e.


The -i option causes gprof to display summary information about the profile data file s and then exit. As is usually the case, a function or a group of functions may correspond to one of the many features of a software.

Profiling with gcc and gprof

While line-by-line profiling can help isolate where in a large function a program is spending its time, it also significantly increases the running time of gprofand pgrof statistical inaccuracies. That measuring time of functions is good enough as opposed to lines of code or even instructions.

No, create an account now. The –function-ordering option causes gprof to print a suggested function ordering for the program based on profiling data. This will give an human readable file. I think point 10 is exactly what I was getting turorial Note that I have used and will be using -b option so as to avoid extra information in analysis output.

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