Farming Guru ji Milk rahane k ghrelu nuskhe apnakar inse dairy farm per jyada milk liya ja sakta badhane ka desi tarika apna lena. Guruji was on his charpoy, his long hair caressing his bony shoulders, his wiry legs tucked A big brass tumbler of hot milk had been brought up for Guruji. Nice intro. Gets one very hot and horny, but where is all this leading to. When do we get to read the rest of the story. 12/8/ Block comments from Zorro

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Pande-ji was wearing a white dhoti and white shirt.

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Chotu saved me and as he was ready now we were on our way again to the main temple building. Over the years, many have asked her this. Thankfully it ended soon and Chotu dried off his naked body and was dressed up.

I can understand Madam. For months, what Veena went through was mental conditioning.

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This includes their beliefs, peer pressure, fear or even confusion. Janja Lalich says in her research that cults that exploit people, especially women, project the assault as a matter of honor. Chotu was very crudely washing his pubic area, especially his raised dick, and the worst part was he was facing me. This book was an eye-opener for Veena as it helped her to understand why a rational person like her would join a cult.


He was travelling abroad then, and I couldn’t personally meet him. And yet, she felt there milkinb something amiss.

Pande-ji smiled while he said the above. That was a provocative hint I thought from Pande-ji and had to ignore it.

Madam, you go for the puja now and in the afternoon though Guru-ji has asked you to go to Mukteswari Temple, I will not take you milkung. Now you go to the temple and offer the puja. But at some point, I realised that just looking after myself was not enough. The rope was so milkong that it was poking me even over my sari and petticoat. He made us believe he was one of those rare living gurus of our generation. I sat on it and immediately realized that the hard coiled ropes of the khatiya were actually stinging on my soft ass cheeks.

I noticed that he was not wearing any shorts and just wore a fresh half-pant and a shirt. But what I mean is… if we… I want to say… Uday: During one such occasion, he was there in the room. Now comes the tough part Madam standing in this queue.

Yes Madam, you will also have that. Since guruji’s ashram was nearby, she decided to pay a visit. I cannot do it better. His pubic hairs were quite thin I noticed almost like a girl. I thought if Pande-ji did it for some more time, Chotu surely would have masturbated.


Pande-ji was now milking a cow with a tumbler in between his knees. If you attend one of his programmes, you’ll be dying to attend the next one as well. Madam, are you not feeling okay sitting on the khatiya? Not much time Madam, we will take the bus and it should take 10 minutes. Hey Chotu, soap your body properly. Chotu do not get the towel wet. I had all the reasons to be happy. If you understood, you never would ask me to go to this guruuji now.

The books were in essence similar to most spiritual books — they revolved around expressing love, finding happiness and contentment. Until, the guru who was in the gguruji, suddenly hugged her.

I noticed that my white bra strap was visible by the side of the left cup of guruj blouse. There is no added water at least as we get in town. There were small hut-like structures and pandas of the temple dwell here I could understand. He was clean shaven today and was looking handsome too.

Trapped in a religious cult: One woman’s story of sexual exploitation at the hands of a ‘guru’

I could not say anything to such comparison. Okay Madam then I also have no problem. Madam, do not worry much about the line.