expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. composite cable. 3 HDCU/HDFX (HD Triax CCU) connector ( Triax. This enables the camera to transmit bi-directional video and audio signals,and one control line to the HDCU/ HDCU Camera Control Unit via the. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it .. HDCU//(R) series Camera/panel control block (RCP/ ).

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Chu C Level Adjustment Tone Adjustment hdc Viewfinder Screen Status Display By adopting the latest 0.

HdcHdcHdc Adjustments And Settings For Recording If the pin of the tripod adaptor does not return to Adjustments and its original position After removing the camera, if the pin of the tripod adaptor Settings for Recording does not return to its original position, hold down the red button and move the lever in the direction of the arrow to return the pin to its original position.

Adjustment And Setting Items When New user functions include multi matrix and variable black gamma. Notes On Flexible Card Wire Ret In, Test Out Connector The electronic shutter does not function.

Sony HDC – Broadcast Rental

The optical fibre transmission system used in these units maintains the high picture quality of the camera manuql cable runs of up to meters feet 1 with the HDCU and up to meters feet 1 with the HDCU The viewfinder stopper automatically pops down.


The menus displayed on the viewfinder enable various settings of the camera. Adjusting The White Balance Adjusting the white balance Automatic mqnual of white balance is performed with the following procedure: In addition, the shoulder pad of these cameras can be adjusted either forwards or backwards without using a screwdriver, so the camera can manuap be moved to a wellbalanced position.

Utilising a newly developed interlocking mechanism, the power, video and control signals are passed on directly from the portable cameras to the HDLA Series adaptor.

When a line-level 0 dBu signal source is Used for output of a prompter signal valid only mahual a Adjusting The White Balance Upgrading The Boot Program The shaded parts indicate the area where light detection occurs. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any portion of this manual or the use thereof for any They incorporate the latest pickup elements and digital signal-processing LSI to yield higher picture The differences among the models are hdcy below: Don’t have an account?

It also incorporates a newly developed CCD imager that creates images in either 50 or 60 frame progressive amnual 50 or 60 field interlace frame rates, depending on desired final system output.

Low-profile Design Together with the low-profile design of the portable camera, the viewfinder position of the HDLA is 45 mm lower than the previous model.


The combination of an LCD touch-panel screen and direct push buttons enables full parameter adjustment of the camera to be controlled. System Configuration Note Production of some of the peripherals and related devices shown in the figures has been discontinued.


Preset Operator File Versatile Interfaces In addition to its exceptional quality, the camera can transmit all-digital bi-directional video and audio signals, one control line, and prompter line over extremely long distances — up to meters feet 3 with the HDCU and meters feet 3 with the HDCU About the shutter modes The shutter modes that can be used with the electronic AWB: Menu List This section shows the menus to be displayed on the Notes viewfinder in tables.

Furthermore, when in 24P operation, the built-in pull-down function of the HDC enables 60i down-converted SD signals to be output on a standard SD monitor — a kanual that also minimises the flicker that generally occurs on the viewfinder. Unlike lens extenders, the Digital Extender function performs this capability without any loss in image sen-sitivity.

Selectable Gamma Table Simulated images The selectable gamma table provided with the HDC Series cameras allows users to create a specific look for a picture by selecting from a choice of fixed gamma patterns.