Hi DMs, I ran this adventure for the first time a few days ago and it was a lot of fun, I think it’s one I will do again so looking for discussion on. It seems very OSR and this is my second night running it, my players got really frustrated with the first room already They will probably. Three years and a day ago, I asked if C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan was overrated. While I enjoyed the dungeon’s flavor, I felt the.

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That fit its origin as a tournament adventure intended to grind up characters and reveal a winner.

D&D: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan – Bell of Lost Souls

The Shrine features some unforgettable locations and cunning predicaments. It also means that there are very few if any NPCs in this adventure.

This entry was posted in Role-playing game history and tagged Hidden Shrine of Tamoachankeyed illustrationsTomb of Horrorstournament module. This convinced me that I hsrine definitely include it. It seems like they just start at the dungeon and GO!! Or in another room still they might find statues depicting scenes from a world—or encounter some of the mythic creatures that the Shrine is ostensibly dedicated to.

It lent real tension to the early part of the adventure, and they were incredibly relieved when they got out of the poisonous atmosphere! Will I be interested in the shirne, and will my players have fun?

I told them that they had just completed a mission. As you may know from my posts lauding tournament modules, I love modules stemming from competitions, especially those complete with scoring information—not that I ever keep score.

For this adventure, my group was made up of four level five characters. Commenting is encouraged by the community, and downvoting is discouraged. I could have created the equivalent in one tammoachan using some over systems I’m familiar with.


It has made the game rather interesting. My players figured it out when they tried breaking the dome covering the central shdine.

I had Syndra Silvane send a message to my party letting them know that she had unearthed legends of a shrine with artifacts that could help the party between Mbala and Orolunga.

Especially since designers have gotten better about slipping details and important mechanics into narrative and description. Search anything and hit enter.

I think this tamoachaan is a great candidate for keeping players engaged throughout. No trivia or quizzes yet. Cleverness and solving the puzzles were awarded, but there were so many gotcha moments included in the game that it was entirely reasonable to take some hits for acting like a normal person with common sense. Just think how something like that could be translated through modern game design.

InWizards re-released the adventure updated to the 5th Edition rules as part of the Tales from the Yawning Portal collection. DMAcademy submitted 1 year ago by BadRussell.

The first version published for sale to the general public in was titled The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and bore the module code C1. Or in another room still they might find statues depicting scenes from a world—or encounter some of the mythic creatures that the Shrine is ostensibly dedicated to.

D&D Tales From the Yawning Portal: Exploring the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

hiddden When it comes to puzzles, especially mandatory ones like that first room, it’s important to be flexible in what you allow and also to strike a good balance between hinting too much and not enough.

At any rate, I find the idea that in tournament play, the party can make any meaningful progress in 2 hours, laug Hidden Shrine is a potpourri of set-piece encounters. Tom rated it really liked it Oct 10, Doug rated it it was ok Mar 09, This module is meant to stand tamoachhan its own, and includes areas on the map where Dungeon Masters may add their own levels. There were two ta,oachan deaths in each game, but that came from a Save or Die situation I’ll talk about in a sec.


I also had my map with the illustration locations marked and the tournament scoring card from the original.

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan by Harold Johnson

Or as the module puts it:. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This prep took about mins and was totally worth it. The panther topples, as do several hunters, still clutching their small spears. It’s mostly just a dungeon crawl yeah! My favorite room is probably the miniature city; reminds me of Raiders. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan has 54 rooms, and is populated with a variety of monsters and traps.

Can’t wait to get this one going The whole goal is to explore and discover the character of the shrine. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The battle with the fire-breathing bat creature on the cover never takes place in the adventure.

Illusions and diversions abound as well, designed to keep players trapped beneath the earth. Views Read Edit View history.

Tsmoachan sheets contain a combat matrix for the three characters included, and a monster index with the statistics of all the creatures in the shrine. Funny story, there are a few bodies sprinkled through the upper levels that look to have died anywhere from a few months to a few years ago. Combat areas for every conceivable encounter. Dora jokes aside, the creatures seemed exotic rather than silly. Submit a new question. How long would you say this takes to run? But if you warn them first, this might not be such a bad thing.