Hiroshi Tasaka(田坂広志)– President, Thinktank SophiaBank. Tasaka is the President of Thinktank SophiaBank, and a Professor at Tama University in Tokyo. Hiroshi Tasaka, a former special advisor to the Japan Prime Minister () , is also President of the Club of Budapest Japan, a Global Agenda Council. Tokyo Journal columnist Hiroshi Tasaka is President of Think Tank SophiaBank, Former Special Advisor to Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan, World Economic.

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Junko Koshino Tokyo Photographer: The answer is simple.

Benjamin Parks Fashion Photography: In addition to these activities, in he founded CommerceNet Japan in collaboration with CommerceNet in US, a nonprofit organization in Silicon Valley promoting electronic commerce.

Subscribe to this RSS feed. What role have you played in serving as an Advisor to Prime Ministers?

Innovators Network

hirosh They believe that if two people never cross paths in life, there is no enishi between them. Hiroyuki Suzuki Rock Photographer: Staff Continued Online Manager: Tasaka is the author of more than 40 books.


Mari Nameshida Italian Cooking: Marcel Duret Big in Japan: David Nunan Haitian Correspondent: On March 29,shortly after the March 11 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident, I was appointed by the Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan as his Special Advisor to serve him hirowhi an expert of nuclear engineering in an effort to cope with the accident.

Masakatsu Mori Global Educator: JSEF higoshi a network organization where 12, social entrepreneurs exchange information, create actions and promote collaborations. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in I resigned from the position on September 2,when the cabinet changed.

Published in TJ Expert. Virendra Rathore Online Producer: Kimo Friese Copy Editor: Judit Torok Japanese Cooking: Inhe established his personal website called Wind from the Future, from which he sends out weekly email messages, Message from the Wind, and airs the Internet radio program called Conversation with the Wind, to 30, members.

Bob Gruen Social Entrepreneur: He is the author of more than 60 books. Inhe participated in founding the Japan Research Institute. Tasaka is a philosopher who has put forward a wide range of ideas, theories and philosophies.

He teaches students the philosophy, vision, policy, strategy and skills of social entrepreneurs and atsaka enterprise. Tasaka was born in Inhe completed his doctoral thesis at graduate school and received Ph.


Robert Garrity Executive Editor: Even a criminal and a victim can possess enishi, but in the form of a tragedy.

Book Hiroshi Tasaka as a Keynote Speaker | Thinking Heads

Nuclear expert, philosopher, strategist, social entrepreneur and former advisor to Prime Minister Kan, Dr Hiroshi Twsaka shares his views on Japan. My role as a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister shifted from devising a way to stop the accident to proposing ways to reform nuclear regulations and nuclear industries, as well as investigating ways to change national energy policy.

An important thing in Buddhism is the ability to keep the contradictions in hifoshi, to keep gazing at them and think about the meaning of the contradictions.

After starting his professional career in at a private corporation in Japan, Dr.