PKG FGI ASSY HP LaserJet M SSA (scanner assembly) CB HP LaserJet M ADF cover replacement kit Service manual (this manual). Manuals or user guides for your HP LaserJet Mnf Multifunction Printer. Use the convenience stapler (HP LaserJet Mnfs mfp only). .. HP service agreements. Manual: The user must press the Start Fax button or.

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Figure Remove the fuser 2 of 9 Remove one screw callout 4 from the wire harness guide and separate it from the product. Pickup-and-feed Assemblies, Transfer Roller Pickup-and-feed assemblies This section covers the major assemblies of the pickup-and-feed system: Media-handling Problems Clean the product on page The photosensitive drum inside the print Install a new HP print cartridge.

If the product is connected to a computer, use the HP Fax Setup Wizard to review and reset fax settings. Using the alignment pins lserjet the corners of the tray as a guide place the product on top servjce the tray.

Problem Example Cause Solution Toner appears around the The media might be loaded Turn over the stack of paper in printed characters. Overlay – Control panel overlay – Snaps on top of the control panel assembly Dutch.

Pulling jammed media out of the product at an angle can damage the product. This PCA is only installed on products that sdrvice the Asian fax control panel display.

Each table lists the item number, the associated part number, and the description of each part. Lower the green lever and the roller assembly and close the ADF cover. See Load documents to fax, copy, or scan on page A colored background might be causing Try adjusting the settings before you images in the foreground to blend into scan the original, or try enhancing the Align the control-panel faceplate with the product.


Overlay lqserjet Control panel overlay – Snaps on top of the control panel assembly Russian. Pad – ADF paper seperation pad assembly – Mounts in the center of the ADF separation pad frame assembly at the rear of the paper input tray.


When the document is loaded into the ADF and the computer is connected directly to the product, HP Director appears on the computer screen to initiate faxing, scanning, or changing settings on the product through Macintosh Configure Device. Supplementary documentation and support Table Service and training support Item Part number Service manual this manual CB A printed copy of the mznual guide is available in the following languages.

Do not lose this lever. A parts list table follows each exploded view assembly diagram.

Print a copy job, and then verify the results. Clear Jams From The Output-bin Areas, Top face-down Output Bin With both hands, grasp the side of the media that is most visible this includes the middleand carefully pull it free from the product. PABX line problems The HP LaserJet product is an analog device that is not compatible with all digital phone environments unless a n2727 converter is used.

HP LaserJet Mnf Multifunction Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Test 3 fax-quality test Place the configuration page in the ADF. Replace Print Cartridge Replace print cartridge Open the print-cartridge door. Page Rotate the green pressure-release levers downward. Copies are reduced in size. Overlay – Control panel overlay – Snaps on top of the control panel assembly Polish.

Scanner Operation, Adf Operation Scanner operation At power-on and periodically at other times, the scanner assembly moves systematically to locate its home position. Remove the new print cartridge from its packaging, remove the orange cover from the print cartridge, and then pull the orange tab straight out to remove the sealing tape.


HP LaserJet M2727 MFP Series Service Manual

Place the left retaining collar over the end of the roller shaft, align the tab on the collar with the slot in the plastic bracket, and then slide the collar toward the pickup roller. Check for broken or missing guides, and replace them if necessary. Spring – Compression spring – Located on the separation pad base of the multipurpose tray. Voice-call problems Problem Cause Solution The telephone or answering machine The fax cord might not be correctly See the Getting Started Guide to check that is connected to the line is not connected.

Contact the local phone service provider for assistance. Clean the ADF pickup-roller assembly on page The media is curled or was stored in a high-humidity Use media that meets HP recommendations.

Parts lists and diagrams How to use the parts lists and diagrams The figures in this chapter show the major subassemblies in the product and their component parts.

Clean the scanner-cover backing Turn off the product, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet, and raise the scanner cover. Laeerjet Add or Remove Programs. Fax activity log The fax activity log provides a chronological history of the last 40 faxes that were received, sent, np deleted, and any errors that occurred. Remove one screw callout 3. If large amounts of toner have Use a different paper, such as scattered around the characters, high-quality paper that is the paper might have high intended for laser printers.