Human Resource Development (HRM). Handouts | Lectures | Contents | Books. Handouts / Power Point Slides. Lessons () (pdf Format). HRM – Human Resource Development (Lecture 1 – 45) Handouts See the attached file Pls. HRM – Human Resource Development handouts. Read Online and download VU handouts at NVAEduation free.

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Will present it the students to understand that the ball is round.

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It puts the onus on the management of the organisations hanvouts women to adopt a code of conduct and also to constitute a three-member inquiry committee, duly notified, to deal with harassment complaints. MCM — Theories of Communication.

I want to focus your attention towards the fact that facilities provided to staff for recreation and refreshment inaccessible. O level student scores record 23 As – World Record Since Punjab has the lowest value, this means that this province has the maximum gender gap in economic participation and opportunity index. The core purpose of this course is to encounter two major development challenges of the world.

Thirdly, it will greatly help in changing the mindset of sexual handputs of women. Newer Post Older Post Home. After getting the students comment on it, will know how much they understand and will give expression like wow nice good etc.

It is encouraging to note that most of the NGOs and human rights organisations whose representatives attended the ceremony did acknowledge the commitment of the government in this regard and hailed the legislation as a historic move by the PPP government in regard to the protection of the rights of women. The four pillars of the index are: There are seven essential components to an academic syllabus: Being an employee of Telenor cellular company, you made a complaint to your HR Head that the facilities provided to the staff for recreation and refreshment are inadequate.


Be precise while answering. The issue was continuously being highlighted by women rights groups, NGOs working for improving the status of women, women legislators and members of the civil society. The PPP government has also been working on another very important and sensitive issue, that of domestic violence.

A critical analysis revealed that Sindh has the highest value for economic participation and opportunity sub-index, which is followed by NWFP, Balochistan and Punjab. Keeping in view given scenario, write a short memo-report about the mentioned problems with some recommendations.

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We recommend you to read complete post before downloading Solution File. With Jazz Apni Call, the call will be paid by the person who is receiving the call rather than the one who is making the call.

Relationship marketing takes over after the sale for existing customers by stimulating the intention to buy and sometimes after the sale through post-purchase reinforcement. Develop and inculcate competencies which include knowledge, skills, attitudes and values pertaining specifically to the field of management and organizations, both in the public and private sectors. Course Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, you would be able to: Women empowerment is an important and useful concept handuts the development of a community as it represents women as active agents rather than passive recipients of development policies.

The world however is witness to hrn627 fact that Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto stood strong and unbowed and kept the flame of liberal thought alive. Create more alternatives for yourself and others both in their personal as well as professional or organizational life.


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We want entertainment and refreshing facilities to increase. The victims of sexual harassment can also seek redress of their complaints from the Ombudsman for Women, if they are not satisfied with the internal proceedings of the concerned organisation. According to a survey conducted by an NGO, 80 per cent of working women in Pakistan at one time or another have faced this ordeal. Wednesday, October 27, Mgt Assignment No.

Their failure to comply with the legislation nandouts punitive action and financial penalties. Take any grade level from The courage shown by the government in bringing this hr627 problem out of the private domain provides irrefutable testimony to an unswerving commitment of the government to deal with issues related to women.

The popularity of Facebook is MCM — Communication Skills. Add your own activity idea. Coming on the heels of the announcement by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for the setting up of the office of Ombudsman for Women and an amendment in Section A of the Pakistan Penal Code that defines sexual harassment, the new legislation lays a solid foundation for ensuring a harassment-free working environment for women.

MTH — Numerical Analysis.

Human Resource Development (HRM627)

Take subject and topic of your own choice. Through her shahadat martyrdom she has imparted eternity to her vision about democracy and human rights in Pakistan. MCM — Journalistic Writing. The legislation could act as a catalyst in nudging the process of a social and economic change.