The book of Pistis Sophia reveals in its dialogue the true relationship between In this edition of Pistis Sophia, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, scholar and orientalist, and D.E. Pistis Sophia by PH.D. J J Hurtak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dr. Hurtak is author of The Keys of Enoch®, and he and his wife Desiree Hurtak are also coauthors of Pistis Sophia Text and Commentary. The evening will.

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Zhena Muzyka rated it it was amazing Jun 04, Open Preview See a Problem? His sin is wishing to rule all the material aeons, and he grows jealous when Pistis Sophia chooses to worship the light rather than continuing the ways of the aeons.

Pistis Sophia : PH.D. J J Hurtak :

Finally, it discusses the formation of the human being, its components, and how they are connected. This is particularly noteworthy given the anti-cosmic nature of some other Gnostic groups.

The Keys examines the puzzles of life and gives a spiritual explanation as to why we exist in this reality. Casey rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Plasma marked it as to-read Sep 20, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,vii-xlviii. Its ultimate purpose is the advancement of humanity, with the goal of changing our orientation so that we are prepared for a higher spiritual attunement and a quantum leap that will move humanity and the earth forward into the next step in our evolution.

In this edition of Pistis Sophia, Dr. Her fall and redemption parallel that found in versions of the Sophia myth such as that in the Apocryphon of Johnbut the actions all take place in the material aeons, and she can only be restored to her place in the thirteenth aeon, outside the Kingdom of Light.


The Book of Knowledge: Jesus serves as a teacher or instructor, teaching his disciples information about the divine world they will need to progress to a higher state of being, as well as knowledge of the cosmic realms, their inhabitants, and their functions.

The work is divided into several parts, with scholarly debate as to the number of parts.

Mead, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten ; reprint: To this end, she has also participated in the documentation of indigenous cultures to preserve their heritage. The Hurtaks have provided not only the text but the only complete commentary on the first five books of Pistis Sophia.

There are furthermore signs of possible interaction with the Manichaeanssuch as solar and lunar imagery, tree imagery, the method of purification and transport of light through different realms, or Book 4’s division of the way of the Midst mhte into five regions. In faith have I had faith in the Light; And it remembered me and heard my song. The goal of the soul is to ascend beyond the aeons and enter the upper realms of light.

Brill, He teaches the disciples baptismal rites, and instructs them to give these rites to all who show themselves worthy. Sc Social Scientist and Environmentalist is a researcher and author of several books on the development hurtka consciousness science. Cosmology is a primary focus of the Pistis Sophia — learning the pistia of the universe and how to traverse it is considered key in these texts, and the cosmology is one of the most complex from any Gnostic text remaining today.

Pistis Sophia: Text and Commentary

He is closely tied to the highest divine being. Kapotahi Frederiksen marked it as to-read Jan 17, This ancient text, whose title unites the Greek words for “Faith” and “Wisdom”, presents deeper aspects of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and his detailed deciphering of the mysteries of the universe, it pistia used as a sacred text by the early Coptic Church community of Egypt in the 2nd century AD.


If the Books of Jeu, which are referenced multiple times as sources of the mysteries, are those found in the Bruce Listis, then they also show close affinity to the Piatis Book of the Dead with their formulas for ascending through the realms beyond the world.

Lists with This Book. Some of the sins listed are duplicates from part one of book four, but list different punishments. Refresh and try again.

However, little significance is given to his earthly incarnation — the ritual bread and wine in the baptism is not associated with the Christian Eucharist, hrutak the crucifixion and resurrection play little role.

The title Pistis Sophia is obscure, and is sometimes translated Faith wisdom or Wisdom in faith or Faith in wisdom. Sitriya marked it as to-read Jun 11, The Midst is the space dividing this region from the upper realms, and is sometimes a waiting space for souls before pisgis allowed to enter the light realms.