Results 1 – 36 HYSYS Upstream Guide – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) In this Tutorial, two black oil streams at different conditions and. Dear all The Hysys Upstream pdf file in the installed folder doesn’t seem perfect, who has a complete or additional manual for this module? Thanks in advanced. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the HYSYS Upstream option? Software Tutorial ยท Process Simulation Community; HYSYS Upstream option.

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Upsyream documentation contains AspenTech proprietary and confidential information and may not be disclosed, used, or copied without the prior consent of AspenTech or as set forth in the applicable license agreement. In the overall column first columnspecify the following hsyys To delete the automatically lumped hypothetical component: In the File Name cell, type a name for the case, for example BlackOil. The Delumper is an upstream unit operation used to delump the lumped hypothetical components created by one or more lumpers.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide |

Click the Delump Hypo button. Italics Click this icon to italize the text for the note. From the Flowsheet menu, click Palette command. From the list of available unit operations, select Lumper.

The newly created Black Oil Fluid Package is assigned by default to the main flowsheet. Any empty user hypo will be deleted from the outlet component list when you submit the changes or close the Lumper property view.

Aspen Technology

If the data is not sorted in ascending order, you can sort the data by clicking on the Sort button. You can filter the list of objects in hgsys Object list by selecting the appropriate radio button in the Object Filter group.


If you want to test what happens with the current changes, click the Submit Changes button. The modeling situation is as follows: OLGA has its own internal component property representations.

Radio Button Description None The components will be put in the order before the sorting property view is launched. Create a stream named Inlet in the main Simulation Environment and define it as follows: For example, at the C: PIPESIM has a comprehensive suite of methods and correlations for modeling single and multi-phase flow in production equipment and is capable of accurately simulating a wide range of conditions and situations. You have the following selection: It is therefore important when generating the PVT data that a similar equation of state and other component physical properties are used.

Click this radio button, if you want the outlet pressure to be the lowest inlet pressure. Any level of model detail can be supported from a single flowline connected to a slug catcher with level and pressure controller in HYSYS, to a complete gathering network and processing facilities.

The Property Estimation property view appears. On the Databook property view you will see a Process Data Tables tab where you can view individual tables. You cannot remove the individual components from the outlet component list.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide

Perform flow assurance simulation. The initialization step can take anywhere from seconds to over a minute depending on the case and the calculations required for the steady state initialization. If the Dynamics Assistant is active, HYSYS will ask you whether you want to make certain changes to the simulation case in the Dynamic Assistant before engaging in dynamic mode.


Integrator Active icon green As the Integrator is running, you should see the temperature, pressure, and flow of the Outlet updating. If the holdup of VLV were zero, then the downstream valve could be fully closed.

Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Similarly upstresm an aqueous phase will not be present the Water phase checkbox may be clear. To start the OLGA exe manually, just issue a cd command to the input files directory before issuing the above command.

Once an auto hypo is generated, you are allowed to empty or delete it, but not to change the contained components. You can view the property correlations for each phase by clicking on the Properties page where you can add and delete correlations as desired. To use the Add New Position feature: Keeping All Inlet Components You can add all inlet components to the output component list if you have not created a lumped hypothetical component by clicking the Keep All Comps button.

HYSYS completely disregards the operation and cannot calculate the outlet stream until you restore it to an active state by clearing the checkbox.

The source composition data is not changed to reflect the current composition of the feed stream in the HYSYS flowsheet. The depth field is a read-only value that displays the depth of the injection point within the tubing. After you select a particular variable, you will see the Type column change to tell you what type of OLGA variable you have selected.