Iaidō (居合道), abbreviated with iai (居合), is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes being Iaido is for the most part performed solo as an issue of kata, executing changed strategies against single or various fanciful rivals. Every kata starts.

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We had enthusiastic beginners turn up with wallhanger swords on their second class, because they relied on the store owners. Through this unification of sense, will, and action, the sword becomes a tool for spiritual development seishin tanren.

The seitei gata have the advantage that they form a decent introduction to iaido that can be learned from any iaido teacher, almost anywhere, with little variation. History and philosophy Archived at the Wayback Machine. Naturally, these developments are not universally appreciated. Iaido is associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard or sayastriking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.

Iaido as governed by the FIK establishes 10th dan as the maximum attainable rank, though there are no living 10th practitioners in Kendo, there still remains many in Iaido. Early history prior to the Meiji Restoration in read more in the article Iaijutsu. The ZNKR doesn’t grade children under 14, but we have members that started younger and we don’t employ a fixed minimum age applicants are considered case by case.

Dissimilar to kendo, iaido is never honed in a free-competing way. There were a lot of people Koryu customary schoolshowever just a little extent remain today. Even people who think they have a pretty good idea what Iaido is about, are surprised to hear there exist other katas besides ZNKR seitei mae.


Iaido Katas

Despite generous applications of superglue the loosely wrapped ribbon became undone after a few months of training. The competitors will be judged by a panel of judges according ktaas the standardized regulations. Some sure signs you have a bad replica: This may be slightly misleading. While in kendo competition for example, you can look forward to meeting exciting new opponents, only the most attention-craving iaidoka consider travelling to a big international taikai worthwhile, since what you get to do in iai competition is not qualitatively different from what you can do in your own dojo: All wallhanger-type swords I have seen omit oaido line separating the kissaki from the rest of the edge yokote.

In iaido, the practitioner battles non-material opponents with techniques that today are completely obsolete and devoid of any practical application, and do not even kataas the satisfaction of affirming technical superiority over other practitioners through competitive encounters.

The Chuden or intermediate style is based on Muso Jikiden ryu, founded by a Onkeibo Chohen of which very little is known.

Hayashizaki may have been the first to emphasise the potential mental and spiritual benefits of Iaido training. Iaido does include competition in form of kata but does not use sparring of any kind. Oe Masamichi, 17th headmaster of Tanimura ha, fixed the name of the Tanimura ha at Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu and made many changes. You may have heard that Iaido consists of solo training. Iaido encompasses hundreds of styles of swordsmanship, all of which subscribe to non-combative aims and purposes.

An introduction to Iaido

And, as Ishido Shizufumi sensei says: This page was last edited kataz 9 Decemberat The tsuka-kashira is solid copper. He dropped 2 of the 13 okuden tachiwaza and these are no longer practiced. In a typical class, there will be times you might katass you were alone. A wooden sword can be had cheaply for around 10 euro. What is training like? This registraton covers all disciplines of the federation including jodo and kendo.


Iaido is very often misunderstood, even by experienced practitioners of other martial arts.

Your major, and most expensive training tool is of course your sword. Iaido practitioners, however, try to anticipate the opponent and time their actions correctly, so that no rush is needed.

Many national and regional organisations manage and promote iaido activities.

One of his best-known students was Tamiya Heibei Narimasu founder of Tamiya ryu. Not all kendoka practice Iaido, and many iaidoka don’t practice Kendo. None of which is readily apparent to the uninitiated. Most replica swords sold in martial arts stores are fine to hang on the wall as something that vaguely resembles a Japanese sword from a few meters away. The mental ktas in Iaido is undoubtedly where most of the action takes place, yet the apparent simplicity of the physical movements is extremely deceptive.

In the 20th century the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei created a set of iaido katas, known as the seitei gata standard forms.

For other uses, see IAI disambiguation.

Iaido – Wikipedia

List of styles History Timeline Hard and soft. Unfortunately opportunities to do so are scarce. After the collapse of the Japanese feudal system in the founders of the modern ixido borrowed from the theory and the practice of classical disciplines as they had studied or practiced.