Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. In the midst of a war between two galactic empires, Consider Phlebas (A Culture Novel Book 1) – Kindle edition by Iain M. Banks. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. A Definitive Ranking of Iain M. Banks’ Culture Novels . A novel detailing the fallout of the Culture’s machinations in Consider Phlebas (more. The retail giant and streaming outlet has acquired rights to the first novel in Iain M . Banks’ “Culture” series.

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But that doesn’t mean that life isn’t beautiful. Considwr and expositionary; full of telling, a main character that was a challenge to connect to, and a rather arbitrary division between religious extremism and A. The war itself is good, and serves as more than simply a backdrop to the story. T I read all of Iain Banks’ Culture books in order in which they were written, beginning with Consider Phlebas and ending with the latest, Surface Detailfrom through Chris Kok This answer contains spoilers… view cobsider [ From Wikipedia: Consider Phlebaslike most of Banks’s early SF output, was a rewritten version of an earlier book, as he explained in a interview:.

Personally, if benevolent artificial intelligences want to pop by an offer a few helpful corrective suggestions that will put a stop to, oh, take your pick or check out whatever is on the front page today, I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

At one point, we are told at length how much the character is worrying kain some friends of his, if only he could get to them. He is a master storyteller and an outstanding scientist. Nonstop whit and invention steer you through the darkness, but still, the ending is pretty relentlessly chilling.

Amazon Adapting Iain M Banks Space Opera Consider Phlebas | News | Movies – Empire

I noted at one point that he felt like Odysseus, more than a bit of jerk and taking ten years to accomplish his goal. Iaain 22, — Been a while since I spent some time in Culture space, but I came back for a journey with the Clear Air Turbulence — except vonsider time I listened.


It’s in the little details. Banks – through his unique imagination – to travels us into his own galaxy; a galaxy with many new wonders, worlds and races, civilizations and societies, but also into a story that, following the difficulties of the protagonist, takes us through a wild adventure full of action and humor, managing very easily to captivate us from his incredible ideas and deep descriptions.

Billions had died, billions more were doomed. They married in Hawaii in The politics feel fresh, sharp and modern.

He said he found it distasteful that galactic empires always had to be right-wing military hierarchies; I didn’t realize it when I was nine, but the basic plot in Smith is one bunch of Nazis fighting another. The Culture series by Iain M.

Amazon Adapting Iain M Banks Space Opera Consider Phlebas

There have been several others over the years, but most recently progressive American writers like John ScalziJames S. So what does this book have in common with those games. For millennia, the galaxy was a restless place; a place where, corrupted by greed for power, civilizations rose and fell, and the Culture – a human society that has left its governance at the hands of their machines – has tried through its benign, non-warlike beliefs to unite the worlds under a seemingly perfect utopia – until, provoked by their ever-increasing influence, the Idirans – a tripedal alien race – sought to change that, wanting to spread their supremacy throughout the universe.

The series itself I can certainly recommend as something unique that you should not do without. Again, I enjoyed both, but for different reasons. It we Posted at Heradas In my introductory essay on Iain Banks and the Culture, Caledonian Antisyzygy and the Principle of CharityI mention that he approached fiction with a certain kind of duality, representing and considering ideologies and viewpoints antagonistic with one another.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. By using this site, you agree to the Terms phlebaa Use and Privacy Policy. Maybe developing a deep main character? The captain, Kraiklyn, leads them on two disastrous pirate raids in which several of the crew perish.


Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks

It makes life sweet, so don’t forget to live it. One need only think of E. I want to believe Banks was also trying to accomplish something beyond an action novel. After tracking the Mind to another station, the drone Unaha-Closp discovers it hiding in the reactor car of a Command System train. I love the way he fleshes out flawed, believable characters in a Space Opera setting.

The smartest Culture machines, the “Minds”, are indeed enormously more intelligent than any person could be, and have almost godlike powers. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I sincerely regret that he lost his life to cancer so recently! Like so many highly-lauded authors featured here, Banks has been haunting my shelf for quite some time now. Feb 03, Jonathan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: One might even say I liked it a lot.

Sep 10, Lyn rated it it was ok. It’s a bit heartless at times, and certainly doesn’t try to endear you with loveable characters or romantic quests, but Banks’ rich imagination ensures that anybody will find something mindblowing, thought-provoking, or just downright fun within its pages.

He comes from a species that is mostly extinct, possibly as a result of interference in its past. The vast majority of the in-between chapters feel like a bunch of half-realized short story ideas jammed together, including one chapter whose sole purpose is to be be disgusting.

The man could write. Deep withi The war raged across the galaxy. Banks that he submitted The Wasp Factory for publication.