This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is a. ANSWER: The Coyote Graphics System (CGS) is a collection of Coyote Library. QUESTION: How do I download and install the Coyote Library.

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If your directory structure looks like this: The Catalyst Library requires the Coyote Library, so it is necessary to install both libraries to use the Catalyst Library. Coyote Graphics plotting routines can take advantage of this capability automatically.

IDL Library Installation

See Drawing a Box and Whisker Plot for additional information. I can think of a single exception to this rule, cgTerminatorMapbut it is clearly identified as such. For example, xoyote you want the RGB color triple of a user-supplied color. If the color is undefined the text is automatically written in a color “opposite” to the background color for maximum contrast.

The role of the cgConLevels function is to address this problem by providing an easy and intuitive way to produce contour levels that iddl nice on contour plots. But, of course, these error message don’t work if I’m in the PostScript device rather than the X device. You iel have to use this command, but you do have to use a TV alternative command.

Cyote are many ways to add the coyote directory to your pathbut something like this, typed at the IDL command line, or executed in an IDL start-up file, always works:. If this matching is not done, Histogram silently returns incorrect results.


Commands can be added, deleted, replaced, and listed. Multi and Position keyword. Add the coyote directory to your IDL path. And the time stamp can be formatted in coyofe way that is appropriate for use in an IDL variable name.

Coyote Graphics Gallery of Plots

Here is coyotr example of how to display a filled contour plot with a color bar. The general procedure is to first download the entire Coyote Library or Catalyst Library as a zip file.

It works around a bug in the Histogram command when byte data is binned in versions prior to IDL 8. It allows you to move a cgWindow application forwand on the display without making it the “current” cgWindow application. Here is an example of how to display a filled contour plot with a color bar.

A percentile is the value of a variable below which a certain percent of observations fall.

Coyote Graphics System (CGS) Commands

Set the Window keyword to add this command to an cgWindow application. It is useful for labeling graphics displays and coyotf forth. The color bar at top in the figure below was created by loading colors with this command: Here is a program that allows me to specify the cyote data range obtained from the primitive itself and a position in my arbitrary coordinate system and it calculates the proper scaling factor automatically.

To take advantage of this software, you have to know how to install the library of code and place it on your IDL path i. The cgWindow program can accept multiple graphics commands.


Coyote Graphics Programs

You can have a command like this for as many third-party libraries as you want to install on your machine. Note also that directories are separated by colons in a UNIX environment.

In other words, it makes the CONTOUR command obsolete, by giving users a useable device-independent, color-independent tool for producing graphics on modern computers. For the most part the function graphics code available on this page was made available to me by Matthew Argall.

Note also that directories are separated by a semi-colon on Windows machines. If you do, contact me about the problem.

Absolutely required for bit displays. All updates to Coyote programs occur on the most recent incarnation of the program. It allows you to specify how many decimal places you would like to have in the output. Retired Coyote programs do not disappear. Some name conflicts are probably inevitable.

The program is designed to play well with other Coyote Graphics commands. This program trys to imitate the dot plot found on this web page. This program shows you one way to create a color bar for your programs.

Interpolation always occurs at pixel centers, so that resized pixels do not change their image “location.