Imagining India has ratings and reviews. Caroline said: Finished. At last! It’s taken me three weeks of slow, solid reading to get through this. Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India presents a country whose place in modernity is not yet assured, finds Kenan Malik. A visionary look at the evolution and future of India In this momentous book, Nandan Nilekani traces the central ideas that shaped India’s past and.

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Trivia About Imagining India: A point which India has to improve upon before sending our man to the moon, along with the other parameters like malnourishment and the skewed sex ratio. Well the book takes you by surprise.

The speed of change is excruciatingly slow. In Indian cities, he brilliantly unwraps the crisis our urban areas are facing since independence, identifying that the marginalization of cities in our indis theater as a root cause of this crisis.

Book shines on few aspects like giving an historical account of issues by accounting British India factor and also by providing innovative solutions. Further, he throws light on the impact of information technology on business and governance. I would certainly give it a place in my library and pick it up on a lazy afternoon.

May 03, Ramakrishnan M rated it liked it. Imagining India offers a visionary outlook about India and its burgeoning future through the eyes of its author Nandan Nilekani, who is an accomplished business leader.

Book Summary: Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani

The result is nilkani country that, while managing incredible economic growth, has also begun to fully A visionary look at indiia evolution and future of India by a preeminent business leader India’s recent economic boom—similar in scope to that of the United States during the early s or Europe’s during the s—has triggered tremendous social, political, and cultural change.


The book tries not only to talk about the country from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur but talks about a few ideas on which the strength and future of our country solemnly depends. Read Edward Luce’s book. He also places this intellectual shift in historical perspective.

Imagining India

Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani. I bought this book at the airport on my trip back from India imagijing summer With that first-hand knowledge and experience he writes albeit with the help of a “researcher” the historical context of these changes.

Even though we have an English-language based economy, a political education policy which tried to suppress English teaching in government schools destroyed the future of several, especially poor, children. Books by Nandan Nilekani.

In fact the book filled a lot of gaps that were there in my personal knowledge of India. Ideas that are in progress People are already aware of these and completing them is now a matter of time. Govt officers can’t be held accountable for any delay in project or mismanagement of the projects.

He was equally taken aback when I told him that our real challenge was not Pakistan but China, not only economically but militarily as well.

Ideas in controversy like economic and labor reforms. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Vote-bank politics have buoyed economically un-viable measures such as free power and subsidies which have led to free-ridership and environmental degradation. The stories from License-Permit Raj drive home the point that it wasn’t socialism, but prolonging it after it had run its course, that led to those lost decades of growth.


Those days the only reason the bank employees allowed computers were for the reason that computers asked for air conditioned rooms, thereby giving them also the comfort of AC. It is expected that, inthe average age of an Indian will be 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan; and, byIndia’s dependency ratio should be just over 0.

Imagining India: Ideas for a New Century by Nandan Nilekani: review

I felt its just another Shashi Tharoor Book. Though the book is about a niilekani old, its ideas and explanations of the past still hold true. It is the West that now fears the population bomb, decries economic growth, deplores consumerism, and frets about urbanisation. The transition of our health issues from ‘shortage-based sicknesses’ such as malnutrition to ‘excess-based illnesses’ such as obesity and heart disease.

In the final part, Nilekani recommends ideas which must become part of our public debates as they are being debated in the developed world. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Other topics covered include labour reform, caste politics, urbanisation, infrastructure, higher education, English language, and globalisation.