Inga feuillei. a.k.a. Ice Cream Bean. Similar to the ice cream bean, and sometimes confused with it, the pacay is a large, podded fruit with edible white pulp. Cite as: Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. Inga+feuilleei&redir=Inga+feuillei>. : 30 – 36″ Inga Feuillei FL Ice Cream Bean Tropical Fruit Tree Plant Pacay: Garden & Outdoor.

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Alley cropping techniques using species of Inga have been developed to restore soil fertilityand thereby stem the tide of continual slashing and burning of the rainforest. Hundreds, see List of Inga species.

Retrieved from ” https: The pulp covering the seeds is lightly fibrous and sweet, and rich in minerals; it is edible in the raw state.

The seeds are covered with sweet white powder. The trees are usually found by river and lake edges because their seeds are carried there by floods.


Bauhinia variegata Orchid Tree. Redirected from Inga feuillei. Caesalpinia gilliesii Desert Bird of Paradise.

Inga species, most notably Inga edulis commonly known as “ice-cream-bean” or, in Spanish”guama”, “guaba”, “guaba de bejuco” or “paterna” depending on the country or region often have edible pulp. Forest and Kim Starr. Inga ‘ s ihga are pinnateand flowers are generally white.

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Bauhinia forficata Brazilian Orchid Tree. This page was last edited on 8 Juneat In Costa Rica, the fruit is also known as Guaba, and is associated with good luck.

Retrieved 23 December Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. Inga sessilis Monkey Inga. Acacia verticillata Prickly Moses. Young leaves Photograph by: Gives descriptions, photos and uses of ingz very wide range of fruit and other food-producing plants plus ornamentals.

Growing Environment Naturally occurs near river banks, so it enjoys year-round irrigation. Leucaena leucocephala Koa Haole.


Inga cinnamomea Inga Acu. Senna multiglandulosa Buttercup Bush.

For another plant often called “Ice-cream bean”, see Inga edulis. Many of the hundreds of species are used ornamentally. Senna surattensis Singapore Shower.

Inga feuillei – Wikipedia

This article is about the genus of plant. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Scarlet Runner Bean Phaseolus coccineus. Uses Generally eaten fresh.

Inga feuillei [2] DC.

Growing Pacay, Inga Feuillei

Pithecellobium flexicaule Texas Ebony. They also have outstanding prospects as urban trees for much of the tropics. An excellent botanical publication, available for download from the Geuillei.