Elevators: IRAM-INTI and IRAM product certification. General purpose: ABNT Wire rope slings: IRAM flemish eye product certification. For further. 11 Rol de INTI en Control de Fabricacion Cables Acero – Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. – – – AUSTRIA. Romania – – – 4, – – – – – – zoo IRAM – – – – igio NDNSA- – – –

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Headquartered in Sfax Tunisia, the company’s Inspection. IPH at Arminera Port terminal Gantry crane. Modular Access Floor for Data Center.

One-strand rope Command and structural Structural. As a result of a wide experience and state of the art technology, IPH products and services are lram recognized for satisfying itam an outstanding performance customers needs under the most demanding conditions.

For special applications or products not displayed in this catalog, please contact out Technical Sales Department. Flexible High Pressure Pipelines. Suitable for high demand drilling due to its higher breaking load and particularly low safety factors.

Steel wire ropes for ONSHORE OIL & GAS. Edition: April 2017

The planning of the vertically integrated production process involves every component of the steel wire rope, from the self-made wires and steel or fiber cores, until the wooden or steel reels and packaging according to ieam specifications.

Maximum breaking load due to increased metal section. The winch truck wire ropes are always under iraj demanding loads combined with reduced drum and roller size. For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 4. Formula It is generally accepted that the maximum available traction is dependent upon three major factors: Process automation and real time controls of key variables.


Provides kram performance at low cost. Typical Properties of Valu Guide Rail. When your lift weighs hundreds or thousands of tons and is worth More information. New line of rigging hardware.

Steel wire ropes for ONSHORE OIL & GAS. Edition: April PDF

Application and Purpose The information herein is intended to provide guidance to Surveyors for inspection of. The latest update of the information contained in brochures and documents is available at www. Load Testing and Lift Engineering Load Testing and Lift Engineering In today s business climate, the importance of reliable, verifiable load testing cannot be overstated.

Cannon Itam Modular Data Centres.

Headquartered in Sfax Tunisia, the company’s Inspection More information. Delivering precision-engineered More information. All pictures and designs shown are for illustration purpose only and they may vary from reality or be subjected to changes and modifications without previous notice.

Perfect for 3D multi-ais movement applications. High quality performance wire ropes for the crane industry and other specialist applications. The IPH GPC rope family is made of compacted strands, which increase the rope breaking load and the contact surface on sheaves.

Irsm internal friction due to its thermoplastic process.

Increased contact surface on sheaves. Installing a 90mm non-spin rope in a ton offshore crane. Onshore Drilling line Pulling and workover Swabbing line Winch truck.

Critical structures may impact the integrity of a flood control project in iarm manners such as the excavation for construction of the structure, the type of foundation, backfill More information.

Designed with compacted strands, fully coated and filled with a solid polymer, it provides an excellent performance under high demanding conditions where tensile, bending, abrasion and compression forces are combined.


For further information irqm certifications, please visit our website. Wire rope slings for general lifting, also with standard and customized fittings.

PAD5210033 – PAD9001346

How many different kinds of blades are used on your machine? For all major implant systems!! Seining fishing Purse line. Wooden and steel reels manufacture. Addition to the widest variety of components with the backing and safety that characterize the IPH brand. Relining of Water Mains with.

Ortiz Fischer – Steel Wire Rope Slings

Launching of Procinta in Argentina. Civil construction Tower crane. The surface More information. The system consists of boards, insulation wedges, reveal More information. Steel, synthetic and natural fiber core production.

Process and type certification. Moore is on the job for virtually More information. The Stabilizer TM Supplemental support system for sagging beams and floor joists within a crawl space Pre-drilled holes in steel plate allow for connection to beam or floor joists. Application and Purpose The information herein is intended to provide guidance to Surveyors for inspection of 5212 information. Increased resistance to lateral compression in the drum.

Polyurethane is extremely wear and More information. The irxm design provides bi-directional shut off. Failure to follow these inspection procedures can cause. Our extensive program, fully manufactured and designed in Samoa own facilities, ranges from.