One of the central concepts on which the ideas presented by Jean Baudrillard in ” precession of simulacra” (in Simulacra and Simulation, ). “The Precession of Simulacra” by Jean Baudrillard. Points of View and Perspectives. • To dissimulate is to pretend not to have what one has. To simulate is to. The Precession of Simulacra: by Jean Baudrillard Outline by Philip Turetzky, [email protected] I. Introduction: (Ecclesiastes) A) Borges map story – allegory.

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In days of yore, money was supposed to conceal scandals. Landing a man on the moon, traversing space, all of this dumbfounds us by the outrageous perfection that is required to pull of stunts like these. Behind all those old pictures of God, besides the back of the painting and the wall, is the ghostly shadow of politics.

He wrote The Society of the Spectacle a little prematurely since less than twenty years later, that entire spectacle no longer existed. God dies, and religion is born. Future generations will end up remembering the copy more than the original, so both are kind of useless now. Money was the first thing to use deterrence, abstraction, disconnection, to obliterate territories and borders, and so forth. This is how fascist dictators keep motherfuckers in check.

While no person would claim to want there to be a universal system that governed every decision made on planet earth, the way that this is actually being achieved is fucking amazing! Oh, sinulacra at dis witto Gweek bebe. Same thing goes for all protests.

Outline of Jean Baudrillard “The Precession of the Simulacra” | Philip Turetzky –

The way that the news presents itself to us is that it is current, retro, kitsch, and pornographic all at once. And while this is happening, another type of power comes into play: Simulacra and Simulation French: For Baudrillard the real is always already constructed.


These oddities no longer make any sense; they are nothing more than a weird double-effect of simulation at its peak.

Everything is completely frozen in time and made easy to swallow. With China now on board, the US pulled out of Vietnam because they had officially won the war. In it, this fucking empire is so obsessed with maps or some shit that they make this huge ass map that is te completely a 1: Baudrillard suggests that we are being coerced into believing the simulacra around us are real presumably by the ruling class together with our desire to believe.

All American presidents tye faces for a faceless and pulsating wound of fucking brutality. Well, childishness is fucking everywhere. Power 2nd order ideology and return to truth.

A Baudrillarc 4th ed.

Definition: Simulacrum

And they fucked on purpose! How are the guards on duty, or the police who might respond to the distress call, to see any difference between this event and a real one?

A universal security system has been created so that there is actually no aim whatsoever for a real nuclear clash. When we established a universal system of control for peaceful coexistence, we made all planets, in some sense, satellites of a more simulated form and they lost their independence.

Hyperrality and simulation are deterrents of every idea or goal. What we think is real is made from tiny baby units, from code, ones and zeroes, databases and IT dorks. The gap between those things vanishes in the genetic coding process!

“The Precession of Simulacra” by Jean Baudrillard – a summary

We have to say this over and over again, you see, so that maybe people will stop calling it a scandal, reinforcing baudrilkard fictional moral standard. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. IDK, why the fuck not? The actual cloister a big fucking courtyard, pprecession of St-Michel de Cuxa, along with many others, was reassembled brick by brick in the s here for who the fuck knows why. I double-dare you, motherfucker.


Human history was supposed to be different from the history of the natural world, just like the history of emotional simuulacra like desire was separate from the history of power.

Glad you found it helpful! What can be said about those, and about the social, is that they are truly just simulations. Michel de Cuxa is doubly artificial allows indulgence in a retrospective hallucination.

The Iconoclasts were the only people who fucking got the actual power of images. It is actually a full-blown challenge to rational society and should be treated as such.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. On the other hand, who is to say that objects and actions are more real than the products of our minds, considering that our only access to reality is through the prism of our own perception? Yeah it fucking does. But this one is pointless to even care about because the Left is constantly sabotaging itself a million times better than the Right could even hope to do by their own dirty deeds.

Think back to the Tasaday tribe I told you about earlier—ethnology proved baudrillar by expelling and killing its subject. Science is like Orpheus because it, uh, turns around too soon. Or, is it the result of right-wing provocation?