Jean Dunn. – Jean Dunn lived in India a number of years before she met Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. During those years she lived at Tiruvannamalai. By Jean Dunn. The teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj have been published in several books using the original question-and-answer format in. Nisargadatta was on my list for an Interview here in Bombay, but everyone has Upstairs there is the same small gathering, but now Jean Dunn is present.

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I have met many such persons in India.

When he went back to the road and turned to look behind, from where he had just come, there was no house there at all. Yes, I have a residency permit.

He will no longer speak of this. Others, such as teachers, friends, etc. Nisargadatta Maharaj acknowledged Jean as dunnn her True Nature and told her she was to carry on his work for him.

When people first learned about this illness, those who have affection for me come and talk to me and write to me.

The Way of Nisargadatta Maharaj – Jean Dunn

He built himself a mezzanine floor as a place for meditation this is the room where we all used to gather to listen to him talk. In the past Ramana Maharshi. The scene for these talks was the small upstairs room which he had built some fifty years before, for his own meditation.


I am begining to think it is probably far better to be shouted at by an enlightened person than to be ignored by him.

New Lives – Malcolm Tillis. Definitive Version

This is an interview between Jean Dunn and The Inner Directions Journalfollowed by a few selections from the personal diary she kept from An American spiritual book dealer has told us that this is his number-one seller. It is not difficult for you to know also, nisargadztta what is the identity with which you are asking? This has nothing to do with the world. I was told that he was preparing to visit India when he died.

Teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj : Jean Dunn says ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

It never comes and goes; it only appears to have come. The same consciousness in that worm is in you. He seemed to insist that I ask questions. Why should I run from doctor to doctor?

I worked on newspapers. Whatever has to happen will happen. So Seeds of Consciousness will come out this year.

There has been no further book published. The man I met on the stairs comes rushing back saying: My beingness is a product of food… and the same consciousness in the donkey was in Sri Krishna. But his teaching is that there are no others, nisargadatha individual entities: Do you have an aim in life?


Nisargadatta Maharajduring his last days which followed shortly after this unplanned meeting became extremely weak, consumed by cancer of the throat. You will nisagradatta that it is just like a robot or computer, which has been programmed by others.

I wait two hours until the train pulls out, only to find that the night train is also full and that also has a waiting list for cancellations. The nisaargadatta who experiences Sat-Chit-Ananda is there before the experience.

It was simply what he was. Nisargadatta Maharaj — Photo given to me by Jean Dunn. She was a dedicated chain smoker as was Nisargadatta Maharaj and she suffered from emphasema. Many people from the West have come to follow his precepts through their reading of these collections.