The Uncertain Path has ratings and 53 reviews. Jerry said: The Jedi Apprentice series is sort of like a television serial in the vein of 24 or Hous. The Uncertain Path. By. Jude by DrB 11/ Obi-Wan Kenobi paced between rows of tombs in a tunnel below the city ofZehava. Overhead, a. Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice – The Uncertain Path by Jude Watson – reading level information and list of editions available including their current.

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The Young eventually win the war, but then are left with pahh a new government, rebuilding after the war, and all the other problems of running a war-torn planet. If he makes the decision and decides to break away from being a Jedi, aside from talking it out, there isn’t too much more that can be done.

The Rising Forcewhich was written by Dave Wolverton.

This particular story picks up with Obi-Wan having actually chosen to leave the Jedi Order in favor of fighting for peace on a planet he had come to love. Obi-Wan is on his own.

Dec 07, Luke Ewell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then why not review this story yourself? Oct 20, Jim C rated it really liked it. Other than this issue I really have been enjoying this series, which is why I am going to keep going forward with it. If the author went the flow and continued in a linear fashion, this book would have received four stars and possibly more.

The Idolaters of Cthulhu Edited by H.

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Pagh is why you should tell us your name. We see the last book’s follow-up in this disastrous conclusion and me shaking my head and wondering how this planet became what it did. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon has returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant feeling betrayed by his former apprentice. That aside though, oh nameless person, I am sorry that the length of the review uncretain not to your desires.

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They are rocks that have a fire inside that will last forever. It may be missing or require expansion. I just hope this crap is resolved soon. The series is getting better the more I read it. Conquest Edge of Victory II: Jul 16, Eleriel rated it it unncertain amazing Shelves: I’m really losing interest in this series fast.

Jedi Apprentice Children’s science fiction novel stubs s children’s novel stubs s science fiction novel stubs Star Wars stubs. I was frustrated at several points doing this book, which I take to be a sign that it was doing its job.

Since the issue between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan spilled over into this book as well, my aggravation unfortunately continued. Well, boys will be boys and all that, was basically their stance on uncerhain. Together they have power–perhaps too uncerhain power. It’s frustrating to see him continue to be so bad at communicating with someone who is supposed to be his closest companion, as well as someone who paprentice supposed to look up to him with the utmost trust and respect.

Meanwhile, back on Coruscant, Qui-Gon is devastated over the loss of his padawan but soon gets caught up in the mystery of thievery in the Jedi Temple and along with the other Masters, works hard to try and determine the culprit. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Jedi Apprentice > The Uncertain Path

However, soon everything goes wrong. He deserves reprimand, punishment and time for reflection. Obi-Wan is on his own. Star Wars Legends novels — However, since Obi-Wan’s plot was a direct continuation of the last book, and Qui-Gon’s plot ends on a cliffhanger to be resolved in the next, this didn’t bother me as much as it did before. I then watched ‘A New Hope’ again just to check it was the film and not me but it still was rubbish.


The Uncertain Path

Jude Watson List of Star Wars books. Gladly the two of them unite again and I can’t wait how the thing in the Temple unravels. The Death of Hope. The writing style isn’t up to the bar set apprentlce Michael A. I picked up from where I could last remember reading, and it was in the middle of a story arch that I had nearly forgotten. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It wasn’t that Obi-Wan wanted to leave the Order for the heck of it. I like the way Watson plays around with our expectations of the characters, and giving us alternate views into what makes a Jedi.

If anything, Obi-Wan became such a stickler for rules later on that he became famous for it.

If Qui-Gon refuses to take him back, it’s like a man throwing a child back into the orphanage for his first major misconduct.

Pretty much all of the surviving characters apprentiec that book return for this one, and there are also significant appearances by Obi-Wan’s former classmates Bruck Chun and Bant. We see the last book’s follow-up in this disastrous apprentkce I knew that Obi-Wan was a little shit when he was younger but come on, him voluntarily kicking himself out of the Jedi Order for friends and maybe a love interest?

This particular story picks up with Obi-Wan having actually chosen to leave the Jedi Order in favor of fighting for peace on a planet he had come to love. Qui-Gon investigates petty thefts at the Temple that quickly become major concerns. Deceived The Uncetain Republic: But when he is reunited with Obi-Wan, he falls back into the same foolish pattern.