Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow. Liam and Talon are both warriors but from different planet. Both far descendant from Earthian, they. Jez Morrow has written a couple of my favorite rereads – Force of Law,Lover and Commander but I think this is the perfect combination of the two and may. Force of Law – Jez KB. Beloved Captor – Jez KB. Chasing Shadows – Jez KB. Lover and Commander.

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I did enjoy this book though commandef were elements that I struggled with. Some very interesting plots were touched upon – like Liam’s detoxification – but it was all swept under the rug and the ending was so abrupt as if the author suddenly ran out of space.

I went into this book not really knowing what it was about and came out of it with a big old smile on my face! Oct 20, Karel rated it did not like it Shelves: Thrown together as commander and wingman, this story focuses around a mission that sends these two deep into space and andd importantly alone together for several days.

Romance Book Scene

I love them both: Both are fighter pilots and Liam is cocky, lober and irresistible. Talon thinks about honor and his peoples customs above all else. All of her works are to die for. Talon and Liam are polar opposites. Nov 23, Kai Tyler rated it really liked it Shelves: In this case, it’s between Liam, an earthling and Talon, a Kuryeen, who are related to earthlings in some way, apparently, and allies with Earth.


Lover & Commander

Once i suspended disbelief, I actually enjoyed reading this. He decided Liam was his mate just because he happened to brush Talon’s arm when he walked by?! Apr 18, Noor rated it really liked it Shelves: What’s not to like! Talon is his exact opposite – he is disciplined and controlled and above all not human.

Still it had some good final effects and only because of that I’ve given it 2 stars instead of one. Liam is brash, brazen, shameless — qualities not valued by the Kuryeen.

Which about sums up the whole story. And so Liam and Talon play at wargames and in the bedroom with the same strenght and attitude: When faced with the perspective to lose his new-found fellow fly-fighter, Liam decides to do anything to prevent it Friendly, cheerful Liam is no one his wingman should fear.

View all 73 comments. Shadow of a Wolf takes place in contemporary Washington DC. It didn’t even come across as insta-love because I don’t think either character was in love. The men are space fighter pilots. You would think that two heterosexual men “crossing-over” would be a little more experiemtnal in charting new territory. View all 4 comments.


I really liked this one. I write homoerotic fiction. Jun 23, Omega rated it really liked it Shelves: This one just left me wanting.

Liam is charming and flirty. Still it was an awesome fun read that was perfect for the mood I am in.

I’m not trying to be mean but that’s how it came off as I mean, a straight guy chooses to be with another man and likes it and cares about him so much he comes right back to him at the end.

When Talon realizes that he desires Liam, the only right thing to do is to commit an honorable suicide. At this point things got really rushed.

Read this book if you want to satisfy your mild alien fantasy. It does leave you hanging with an unresolved issue at I did enjoy this book though there were elements that I struggled with.