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Furthermore, preferably, the crystal grains constituting the aluminum nitride sintered body have an average particle diameter of 1. Examples of the polymerizable epoxy-containing monomer are glycidyl acrylate, glycidyl methacrylate, methyl glycidyl acrylate, methyl glycidyl methacrylate, and the like.

In step 3the coating film of the primer A thus adjusted is electrostatically coated with a thermosetting clear colored coating composition B. Such an aluminum nitride sintered body assumes black color of a lightness of not more than N 4 according to the definition of JIS Zhence it has a large radiation heat and superior heating property.

As the raw material, the powder of a high purity aluminum nitride prepared by the above described reduction nitriding method not containing yttria was used, and the raw material powder was monoaxially pressed to form preliminarily shaped bodies, which were then hot press fired in a nitrogen atmosphere. As seen from the above results, the aluminum nitride according to the present invention is stable and has a better capability of absorbing an infrared radiation beam and a superior heat radiating ability than white aluminum nitride at the time of heating wafers.

The plate was placed in a vacuum chamber equipped with a heating mechanism by means of an infrared radiation lamp.

EP0743290A1 – Aluminum nitride sinter and production method therefor – Google Patents

This lightness value is measured according to the following procedure: If it x less than 0. Aluminum nitride sintered body, metal embedded article, electronic functional material and electrostatic chuck.

Production Examples 5—8 Production of Aqueous White Primer Following the procedure of Production Examples 4, the components shown in Table 1 were mixed, giving aqueous white primers No. The hydrophilization of the polyisocyanate compound can be carried out, for example, by introducing a hydrophilic group such as a carboxyl group, sulfonic group, tertiary amino group and so on into the compound and neutralizing the compound with a neutralizing agent such as dimethylol propionic acid or like hydroxycarboxylic acid, ammonia, tertiary amine and so on.

The clear coating composition C provides high transparency to enable observation, through the coating film thereof, of the coating film jiis clear colored coating composition B beneath and the coating film of aqueous white primer A still further beneath.

Therefore, it is suited most to substrates for constituting heating members, such as, ceramic heaters, susceptors and the like. Usable pigment components other than coloring pigments include metallic pigments, mica pigments, extender pigments and the like.


Ref legal event code: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. In Example 3, the obtained sintered body had a relative density of s This method has made it possible to shorten the coating process and to reduce cost. Furthermore, preferably after his powder of aluminum nitride is preliminarily shaped, the preliminarily shaped body is hot press sintered or hot isostatic press sintered.

The particle form of the electrically conductive fillers is usually powdery, acicular, fibrous or spherical. Technical Field The present invention relates to an aluminum nitride sintered body and its production method.

Understanding the Munsell® Color System

A relation between the lightness N and the relative density of the sintered bodies measured on Comparative Examples 7 – 9 and Examples 2 and 3 were shown in Fig. As the non-oxidizing atmosphere, atmospheres of nitrogen or the like inert gas are particularly preferable. In Comparative Examples 1 and 3 shown in Table 1, the raw material powders were shaped under monoaxial pressing to prepare preliminarily shaped bodies which were then hot press fired.

However, at the time of hot press firing, the firing temperature, the holding time and the pressure were changed as shown in Table 4.

Examples of the white pigment which is added to achieve high whiteness include titanium oxide such as rutile 88721 oxide, anatase titanium oxide and the likewhite lead, zinc oxide, zinc sulfide, lithopone and the like.

That is, under such a condition the inventors have succeeded in jos a high purity aluminum nitride sintered body of a lightness of not more than N 4 and a relative density of at least Suitably used as the aqueous white primer A is one that comprises a chlorinated polyolefin, white pigment and water.

Similar experiments were performed on the aluminum nitride sintered bodies produced by Examples 4 and 5 to obtain the same results as described above. As a result, a sintered body of a lightness of N 3. Aqueous thermoplastic coating composition for plastics materials and coating method using same.

Jix obtained polymer preferably has an epoxy equivalent of about 20 to about 2, particularly about 30 to about and a number average molecular weight of about 3, to about , particularly about 4, to about 50, A method for forming a coating film on a plastic substrate which comprises the steps of:.

These crosslinking agents are preferably used in an amount of 0 to about 50 parts by weight, particularly about 5 to about 40 parts by weight, per parts by weight of the total solids of the resin component containing chlorinated polyolefin.

It is considered that, because the sintered body obtained at this condition shows a further development of the crystal grains, the lightness became a little larger as compared with Example 2. Method of coating articles made of polypropylene with an electrically conductive primer and electrostatically applied overcoat.


However, in the range of the above described firing temperature and pressure, a zz time of exceeding 5 hrs has a tendency that the crystal grains are excessively developed within the sintered body, so that a holding time at the time of sintering is preferably not more than 5 hrs. Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. The ratio of the modifier resin to be used is usually about 10 to about 50 parts by weight, relative to parts by weight of chlorinated polyolefin.

Year of fee payment: The present invention is described in further detail in the following Production Examples, Examples and Comparative Examples. In order to solve these problems. However, aluminum nitride sintered bodies per se generally assumes white or gray white color, so that they are inferior in heat radiation property.

Heretofore, in semiconductor apparatuses, such as, etching apparatuses, chemical vapor deposition apparatuses and the like, so-called stainless heaters and indirect heating system heaters have been generally used.

Of these, titanium oxide is preferable to enhance chemical resistance and whiteness. After coating with the thermosetting clear colored coating composition B and, if necessary, preheating, coating with the clear coating composition C is carried out by electrostatic coating.

Date of ref document: The blocked polyisocyanate compound is obtained by adding a blocking agent to the isocyanate groups of the polyisocyanate compound jix be blocked.

[Example of Allowance by Color / Color Story] NIPPON DENSHOKU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.

The present invention relates to an aluminum nitride sintered body, comprising metal elements of contents of not more than ppm for each metal x except for aluminum and assuming black color of a lightness of not more than N 4 according uis the definition of JIS Z Example 1 Step 1: In order to improve coating film performance such as water resistance etc.

The coating film had excellent water resistance, with all the squares remaining.

The hydroxyl-containing monomer is a compound containing a hydroxyl group and a polymerizable unsaturated group; examples thereof include monoesterified compounds of alkylene glycols having 2 to 10 carbon atoms and meth acrylic acid such as hydroxyethyl meth acrylate, hydroxypropyl meth acrylate, hydroxybutyl meth acrylate, etc. To increase water solubility or water dispersibility, the amine compounds can his used in combination with surfactants.